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I just finished doing layout for Adult Themes, and I am super excited about the cover!

I am also excited about my writing in the zine, although by the time it was all done, I really needed synonyms for moan, clit, cunt, cock, and rub. I am in awe of sex writers who can come up with unique descriptions for sexual body parts and actions. I ended up resorting to using "prick" and "dick", two words I'm not all that fond of.

In any case, the zine is all laid out. Within the hour, I plan to go to the UPS Store (if the car will start...my fingers are crossed) and make a bunch of copies.

Adult Themes is half size, with 49 pages of poetry and prose, fact and fiction. I am asking $2 or trade for it. The writing is sexually explicit and intended for a mature audience, so consider yourself warned. If you want a copy, please send an age statement along with your order. (I just want to cover my ass here.)

My address is

PO Box 1483
Lawrence, KS 66044 USA

Here's a sample from the zine:

First Date with a Woman

She attended my Halloween party with a mutual friend. We had not met before, but she took one look at me dressed as a sexy witch in a lacy black slip and told me in her husky voice that I had great breasts. Then she reached over and started arranging my braless tits in the bodice of the slip, saying they’d look even better if I got them positioned just right. Of course, I thought this tit touching meant she liked me, was attracted to me, wanted us to fuck. I got her number from our friend, called her up, asked her if she wanted to meet for coffee. She agreed and my mind was filled with all the hot girl-on-girl action in which I would soon be engaging. Tits, cunts, fingers and clits, a little thigh humping, slipping some tongue—oh yes, it was going to be fantastic. At the coffee shop, she wouldn’t let me buy her beverage, demanded to know if this was supposed to be a date. When I said of course it’s a date and reminded her how she had flirted shamelessly with me, she innocently batted her big brown eyes and said she hadn’t been flirting. She said she had gone to Catholic school and that’s just how Catholic schoolgirls treat each other. She continued to tease and frustrate me for months.

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