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A complete chronological list of all the zines & zine-like things i have made

January 2011
'Fellow Drawer' Invite to draw about the city with me, foldout minizine in envelope. Dozen copies so far.

December 2010
Wor History Calendar, A3, colour cover, inner pages printed with our own photocopier. 50 copies, all sold for £2. Cut n pasted from previous wor diaries.

November 2010
Gaelic Language Cut-ups. 7 copies, in envelope. 30p. Done for Footprint Zine Fair in Leeds University Student Union.

November 2010
Collaborative Comics on the theme of 'tea', workshop at the Footprint Zine Fair.

November 2010
Opinionated Geordie Monsters Review the Local Band Scene (1), A5, participatory and a quarterly from now on. 125 printed so far.

October 2010
My Anarchist Pilgrimage: Sampler, A5, 150 copies, for distribution at London Anarchist Bookfair: the full version is my main project of 2011.

October 2010
Mongolian Cartoon Diary, A6 landscape, 60 copies, pretty straightforward print of my cartoon diary from 2 weeks in September.

October 2010
Love Letter from Helsinki, A6, 24 pages, 24 copies, done as part of 24 hour comic day in October.

August 2010
Trail Zine,A520copies, one page drawn by each participant on the Great BaikalTrailcampof August 18-30. Mix of English & Russian language, printed in UlanUde.


Summer 2010
Contributions to 'Art ... and that' anthology by Paper Jam Comics Collective, also to 'History ... and that' anthology and upcoming 'Music ... and that' CD/comic.


June 2010
Beach Zine, 150 copies, A6 with colour middlepages, about a week walking up the Northumberland Coast


April 2010
Washington Arts Centre Zine Trail, for P.R.E.S.S. small publishers' event.

April 2010
30 Minute Zine Challenge at DIY Aye! Participatory Workshop.

March 2010
Mail Art Session at Star & Shadow, a low-key participatory thing, cut-n-pasting onto postcards.

Spring 2010
A present for Elodie
Foldout minizine in many languages for Elodie Applejack. 100? copies.


February 2010
Anarchist New York
A5landscape, colour cover, 150 copies. A mistake with stapling meantthereader had to take out the staples and rebind it - instructionsgiven.

February 2010
Self-guided Zine Trail around the Star & Shadow (I think it's fallen apart by now)

January? 2010
Hybrids:A5cut-ups of star & shadow programmes as part of attempted seriesof'crafty creative sessions' at the cinema (which did not continue).

January 2010
Newcastle Zine Review, 2nd edition A6 portrait & chunky printed (though made in 2009)


2009 December, page from Bothy Zine in the Bothy Notes Newsletter

2009 Zines contributed & displayed in Sunderland Winter Garden's Collected Fragments Exhibition.

2009 December Pythagoras Zine 60 copies, A6, 8 sides stapled.*

2009 December Christmas Zine 100 copies, A6 24 sides stapled.*

2009 November Wor Diary 2010, 365 copies, ringbound, A5.*

2009 October 'It Happened at the Star & Shadow' Story Zine, 30 copies, collaborative, A5 folded.

2009 Roman Philosophers Zine 1, A6 stapled, including a page from a book on Rome.

2009 September Bothy Zine 300 copies, square shape, stapled, chunky.*

2009 September Space Monkey, collaborative child-friendly comic by the Paper Jam Collective, A4 stapled, colour cover.*

2009 August Newcastle Zine Review 1 50 copies, A5 folded.

2009 August Comic-drawing Workshops at Redesfest, Northumberland

2009 March Manual Zine, 18 copies, as part of DIY Aye Event. A6 in origami envelope.

2009 March George zine, 300 copies, A5 stapled, colour cover.

2009 March Shed zine, 150 copies, A4 folded.*

2009 March Abraham zine, 150 copies, unorthodox long shape, stapled.

2009 March Fantastical Beastes / Topsell Zine, 150 copies, A5 stapled.*

2009 February Kino Bamboozler, A6 fold-out to A4, 150 copies.
During 'Don't DIY Alone' festival in Edinburgh diyedinburgh.blogspot.com/

2009 January Zine from my childhood, 250 copies, A5 stapled.
Cheaply (badly) copied - but with original artwork in each one!

2009 January Article on Wor Diary in Interface Journal www.interfacejournal.net/

2009 Review of Jane Eyre: the Graphic Novel, for Bronte Studies.

2008 November, Wor Diary 2009 (collaborative) 600 copies, ringbound.*

2008 Autumn, contribution to '24 Minutes ... and that' anthology.
One of a series by the lovely 'paper jam' guys.

2008 July Examzine, 250 copies, A5 fold-out to A3.*

2008 April The Secret History, 1000 copies, A5 stapled.*
Produced for Projectile Film Festival.

2008 March Spring zine, 150 copies, A5 stapled.
Produced in a hurry for the Pigeon parlour art squat in Heaton. Last few given out at Newcastle Community Green Festival.

2008 February Sex zine (with contributions) 250 copies, A5 stapled.
All gone except some faulty ones I should mend one day.

2007 November Wor Diary 2008 (collaborative), 500 copies, A5 ringbound.

2007 October Gig zine, 250 copies.

2007 July Phd Thesis, finally done, using 'ephemera' like zines as source for tracing ideological debate.

2007 Zine Trail, with Chez, A6 loose pages dotted around the city, 50 copies.

Summer 2006? Comic about Red & Sam's wedding. A4 stapled, 3 copies!

April 2006? Anarchism in a Provincial City, A5 stapled, 50 copies.
Tosupport academic talk on zines & activist dialogue at AlternativeFutures and Popular Protest conference, Manchester MetropolitanUniversity.

2006 A Story About a Rat, A6 stapled, 50 copies.

October - December 2005 Comic strips in Arthurs Hill Time Exchange Newsletter.

Summer 2005? A Zine about love, A6 stapled with photograph cover, 50 copies.
As part of Participatory Zine Workshops at Bookville (we miss you Bookville!)

Summer2005? Workshops on pre-digital animation (characters, storyboards,flickbooks, fantascopes, zoetropes etc..) with Laura Maragoudaki(digital animation) Queens Hall Hexham.

'Hello 2008', A6 zine to record some of the leapday actions done by Ross McGuigan and friends in Newcastle.

May 2004? What if the Tide were Rising? Environmental zine for kids, produced for Newcastle Community Green Festival. A5 stapled, 50 copies.

January 2004? Dilemmas of an Activist Academic, A4 folded, 50 copies.
For Investigaccio conference of social movements, Barcelona.

2003? I Don't Care What Anyone Else Says, I Think EF! is Ace!, A5 folded, 50 copies.
2000-2001 EF! Action Update (shared editing), 13 editions, A4 folded, 300 copies each.

1999-2005 Think Globally Act Locally Various contributions and shared editing, A5 folded, 150 copies each. Occasional comic strips and illustrations.

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