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I'm getting some more copies of brainscan 23 back from the printer today... with all the errors fixed. Seriously, I threw it together the day before the zine symposium while I was literally in a fever haze. I got sick that night and couldn't go to the reading. My fever broke around midnight and I was sort of ok for the symposium but my zine pages were jumbled and I got 150 copies instead of 50. But, now there is a better intro and the pages are in the right place. good for me. You can always pick one up on my sit Small World Buttons.

Alsom I'm drinking coffee from my Aeropress coffee maker. One of my housemates busted the glass of my trusty French Press that I have had forever so I got this as a replacement. It isn't as elegant as a French Press, but is makes a damn good cup of coffee. It is pretty sweet to go from roasting my own coffee, grinding it and placing it into this simple machine!

I spent yesterday watching streaming news about Hurricane Ike since my parents live in Houston. I guess they surived, but now they are watching the wate rise and playing the will-it-or-won't-it reach the house game. Last night I watched paul transfer his 8-track files to digital and we drank wine and listened to the new recording that he and stix made the other day. it sounds fucking fantastic. I guess my old bedroom in the basement is really good for recording in. I'll post a link later once they get the songs up.

I think I'm headed to the Riverhouse tonight with Mikey and friends. We were going to have a marathon D&D sesh but he killed half our characters off. So long Brelget the Deep Gnome Ranger. It should be a good time anyway. Then I have to make sure everything is sorted for our trip to Utah to see the mountains change to the colors of fire! maybe I'll take another picture of the SLC zine library.

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Comment by Alex Wrekk on September 14, 2008 at 2:50pm
Ya, I was totally out of it when I put that zine together, but I fixed it up real good now! Thanks for picking up some zines Nicole. let me know how many you want and I can try to get them out before I leave on Wenesday.

r/r I'm stoked you like the coffee... .so do I! I got the 4th edition books as a very nice gift from someone recently but I haven't played it yet.... actually, I was in a group playing 2nd edition until about 2005.
Comment by NicoleIntrovert on September 13, 2008 at 5:46pm
haha I am glad you switched the pages around... i was about to email you and let you know that they seemed out of place with your stories.

I'm going to email you soon to place an order for some of these and back issues and probably a few pins. I'd like to try to get them so i can distro them at the RZF since you can't make it out this year.


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