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learning to leave a paper trail distro

paper trail distro turns five years old this month! to celebrate, i started making seasonal newsletters to accompany every order. the fall newsletter contains in-depth descriptions of the zines added to the catalogue over the summer, two interviews with zinesters, & some helpful hints & tricks on keeping prices down when making zines. you can give the newsletters to friends when they ask where you get the awesome zines you are reading, you can leave them in coffeeshops, or you can save them forever. i can also send a stack if you want a bunch for your infoshop, library, whatever.

september kept me busy, adding lots of new items to the catalogue, writing descriptions & scanning covers. here's what's new:

* basic paper airplane #2--stories about getting a car again, ghosts of snohomish county, learning about a great-great-grandfather, & more, text-heavy & introspective
* brainscan #23--"travel stories that never went as far as the travel written about," about polish waiters, angry wives of ex-boyfriends, & salt lake city, with a high-contrast cut & paste layout
* "dirty love" #1--very personal & text-heavy zine about learning to love your body, embracing fatness, queerness, & different-ness, with some great drawings & exercises in communication & self-acceptance
* "doctrinal expletives" #3--awesomely sarcastic & political zine addressing intersectionality in feminism & anarchism, critiquing facile sex-positivity, loving rob halford, & a lot more
* "jesus christ superzine" #1--about growing up a fundamentalist christian & eventually leaving the church, but maintaining compassion & respect (& humor) along the way
* "toothworm" #3--what causes an alcohol black-out? will the world end in 2012? does emmalee write erotic poetry? these questions & more are addressed in this zine, accompanied by some crazy drawings
* "truckface" #12--more incredibly funny & touching stories about teaching in the chicago public high schools, & also traveling in new york city & eastern europe; very text-heavy with LB's famous portraits & drawings
* "up the logic punks!" #2--another twenty-five logic puzzles about punks, anarchists, & zinesters, with a five-part whodunit & an answer key
* "your pretty face is going straight to hell" #3--getting ready to live with a long-term boyfriend, a photo essay on body image, trying to get excited about photography again, keeping house & being bored at work, with an exciting cut & paste layout
* "your pretty face is going straight to hell"#4--the "love" theme issue, all about crushes, make-out, loves, "loves," & all the dumb shit we do when we think we like someone

i'm now taking subscriptions for the round beginning in january 2009. subscriptions cost $50 in the united states & $60 everywhere else. orders must be received by december 31 to get in on the january mailing.

a subscription is good for a year & takes the form of a package mailed once every three months (in january, april, july, & october) containing a selection of six new zines in the distro, a newsletter, & a crafty hand-made surprise, & i have some really exciting craft ideas for coming months! you can also get a free half-subscription (two packages over six months) for every three orders of eight zines or more that you place with the distro (this is retroactive to the very beginning of the distro five years ago).

i also offer three different zine collections, which are listed on the distro website's main page & at http://www.papertraildistro.com/relateditems. the collections are $20 each (anywhere in the world) & contain ten zines each. choose from the newest additions, hot sellers, or ciara's choice, or combine two or all three collections for extra savings. no item in a collection may be substituted, & collections are subject to change as new items come in & old items sell out.

more details on subscriptions & collections can be found at http://www.papertraildistro.com/relateditems.

if you work at an infoshop, zine library, distribution, or other institution/organization that wants to get zines in bulk, i offer many of the zines i carry at discounted wholesale prices. look for the yellow & green paypal button after a zine's description to order it wholesale (price includes postage to anywhere in the world). you must order at least three copies of a given zine to get the wholesale price.

i am always taking zines for consideration! send them to me at:
ciara xyerra
12 lincoln ave. #3
somerville ma 02145

or e-mail to recommend a friend's zine or something. comprehensive details of what i am & am not looking for can be found at http://www.papertraildistro.com/submit, along with a quick guide to wholesale pricing. i am especially looking for zines that address issues of race & class, zines about parenting, & crafty how-to things. these are just a few topics that i feel are somewhat under-represented in the distro, but i'll take a look at just about anything.

thanks for reading! xo, ciara

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Comment by Bri Zine on October 7, 2008 at 2:55am
aaaah i totally haven't even had time to read every zine i ordered from you less than a month ago but i am so about to drop more cash because you pick amazing zines to carry! i still plan to send you a copy of motor city kitty for consideration but think i might wait til i finish my next issue.

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