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Trades/Distros I've sent to and am now waiting on

this is mostly just to keep track for myself, but i've sent zines out to the following people and have yet to hear a response. if one of these people is you, please let me know if you got my zine or not, and what you thought of it:


Smells LIke Zines Distro - Australia

Buyolympia.com - USA

Sinoun - USA (trade for "insomnia & the oneirophilliac")

Last Gasp - USA

twelveohtwo - Canada

Jess - USA (trade for "fireweed")

Davida - USA (trade for "leeking inc")

Roberts St Distro - Canada (trade for the zines on their website)

Quimby's - USA  (trade credit)

Microcosm - USA

Broken Arts Distro - Canada

True Grit Distro - USA

Dan - USA (trade for "the juniper")

Caitlyn - USA (trade)

Rio - USA (trade for "gay lithp")

Octapod Library - NZ (said she'd have some trades for me)

Clementine - (trade)

Active Distribution - England - (trades)

Edmonton Small press Association - Canada



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Comment by Beth M on March 1, 2011 at 4:19pm

did you ever hear back from any of them?


also, Microcosm issued this statement (from http://microcosmpublishing.com/blogifesto/2011/01/2010-financial-st... ):

"In the future we will focus primarily on publishing instructional DIY books and distributing DIY themed, politically powerful, and popular zines. 

Distributed zines will be required to sell at least 40 copies per issue per year in order to remain in the catalog. Because we have such an extensive zine catalog and pay zinemakers before the zines have sold, we end up buying a lot of zines that sadly live their lives in the packing room, not being read."


so chances are, if you didn't send them 40 copies, your zines won't be sold. hopefully they return them to you.


also, I wouldn't work with them anyway if I were you.

see: http://www.undergroundpress.org/resources/distributing-with-microco... (by Zine World people), http://doriszineblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/microcosm.html (by Cindy Crabb of Doris zines and Support zine and Learning Good Consent zine, July 2010), http://anarchistnews.org/?q=node/13086 (Microcosm's response to Cindy, see her July '10 blog entry), http://doriszineblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-wont-be-working-with-mi... (Cindy's response to Microcosm's response to her, January 2011), and http://alexwrekk.wordpress.com/2010/07/29/so-whats-the-deal-with-yo... (by Alex Wrekk of Brainscan zines) , the zines Brainscan #21 and Brainscan #26 by Alex Wrekk (http://alexwrekk.wordpress.com , she's also a member on WMZ, you can buy her zines here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/brainscan or here: http://smallworldbuttons.bigcartel.com/ )

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