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Selling on Consignment?

When it comes to sellin' zines though brick-n-mortar stores, there are just three retailers that I deal with: Atomic Books in Baltimore (sampled above), Chicago Comics and Quimby's Bookstore, both of which I am proud to say are back in my hometown.

The aforementioned are retail establishments that…

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About two months ago I blogged about my friend, photographer Damon Daood, who surprised me with a photo in my inbox of one of his models sitting in the laundromat, reading the copy of KFG! that I sent him back when it first came out. True to my word in that post, I sent him another copy of that particular issue (so that he has a fresh one), as well as a copy of the new zine.

A few days… Continue

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I Remember Redpaper

I was reading a fellow poster's blog on We Make Zines, and something about its tone made me remember the now long defunct website Redpaper (redpaper.com). It's been a few years since the site closed its cyber-doors, but from time to time I still find myself lamenting its passing; I miss the site, and I miss the people I once interacted with there.

Surely someone else on WMZ also used Redpaper when it was around. For those who've… Continue

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Dream of the Fisherman's Wifey (Excerpt)

Dream of the Fisherman's Wifey

By St. Paco

Whenever I run across Hokusai's "Tako to ama" (Octopus and Shell-diver), it makes me think of Erika. Sometimes I even still find myself wondering what she knew about the erotic illustration she once had plastered in the background of her Myspace page.

Whether she actually knew anything about the image or not, in my book she had won… Continue

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Octopussy Companion

Octopussy Companion: The Pocket Pussy promotional mini-zine. 18 page accordion fold booklet, limited to 38 copies. (There is a chance the edition size will be expanded to 58 copies, I haven't made up my mind just yet.)

Seven years ago, in conjunction with the first issue of Kung Fu Grip!, I probably made close to two-hundred copies of the… Continue

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House of Flying Zines Part 1

Just received an invite to have some of my publications included in a zine and self-published art mag exhibition at the Baltimore Book Festival in late September. Shout outs to Jim Lucio for the invite.

Amusingly, when I posted a few days ago about being invited to send some of my publications to the zine show in Istanbul, I was thinking to myself that it would be nice to get the chance to do that more often. I even started to post a comment… Continue

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Your next stop, the Twilight...


It was Michael Jordan who helped popularize the term known as the "zone." That mental level of focus where you're able block out all the noise and any other distracting factor in your head that might prevent you from seeing the goal that is ahead of you.

I've kinda' been in the zone lately. I don't at all mean to suggest that I am anywhere near the level of those whose mental discipline… Continue

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To Turkey With Love

I may be wrong, but I don't think I've sent any of my zines to Turkey before. In fact, I think that the furthest into that part of the globe I've sent a zine order was Slovenia. Well, I have sent stuff to Israel, which is just south of there.

Anyway, a guy named Gamze Özer sent me an e-mail asking me to participate in a zine show at an interesting gallery in Istanbul that he curates for. The e-mail…


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Notes From The Underground (Excerpts)

"Zines have always been more than just words or images on paper: they are the embodiment of an ethic of creativity that argues that anyone can be a creator. Professional newspapers, slick magazines, and academic journals, art galleries and television shows, regardless of their content, have a uniform message to the reader or viewer: you can't do this, you are not skilled enough , you do not have the…


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Permanent Press

I have never met the photographer of this image in person, but I have known him (Damon) for about 5 years now. We were similarly introduced to each other's works through Myspace, and there has always been a mutual appreciation of the things we create.

A few weeks ago, Damon sent me the photograph of one of his models sittin' in the laundromat reading a copy of the first issue of Kung Fu Grip! zine. I was surprised and flattered to see that… Continue

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Monster Islands

Monster Islands

By Paco D. Taylor

In the classic giant monster movies of Japan, the islands of the South Pacific are home to three of Tokyo's biggest threats: Godzilla, Giant Beast Gappa and King Kong. In real life, these islands are home to some of the biggest threats to anthropology classes…


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