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Distant Brothers – The Thai Connection

"Words with no apparent meaning, a Hindi script graffiti,…


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Sony Boodo Khan™ Mixtape


Slow Jams by David Choe



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Open letter to a homeboy: Just 'jeet kun do' it

About week ago, as I rifled through a nearly ten-year-old folder on my older Mac (the G4 Tower), I was reacquainted unexpectedly with a letter that I wrote to a friend in late autumn of 2003. Planted throughout this dated missive are the seeds from which Kung Fu Grip! zine and several other of my projects, perhaps even this blog, have flowered. 

I'd like to think that I've become a slightly better writer since then–but this letter wasn't originally intended for mass consumption,…


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The lost gospel of St. Paco

Like an inward reflection of the imaginative collage cover produced by the author, graffiti writer and underground publisher St. Paco, Distant God Meditation is a multi-layered manuscript that brims with the fluid poems and rhymes of a drunk, cigar-smoking…

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Kung Fu Grip! #3B: Super Special Edition

When I was a snot-nosed third grader, I was super envious of one of my classmates who had this folder that he'd decorated with the Marvel Comics Super-Hero stickers. Between 1974 and 1976, the Topps Chewing Gum Company produced a senses-shattering assortment of Marvel hero decals sold…


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Thanks, Zine World

My previous January posting related to the most recent reviews of KFG zines in Zine World #30.5 (Nov 2011) has been deleted in favor of this revised post. The supplement edition of ZW that came out in the fall actually contains three reviews of my publications (well, four...technically), and it seemed like a good…


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Billy da Bunny's Cops! Zine

What'cha gonna do when they come for you?

The end of the year kinda blazed by, and I somehow neglected to mention that I contributed a piece to the Cops! compilation zine edited by Billy da Bunny. I don't know if Billy still has any copies…


Added by Paco on January 22, 2012 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

Superman: First Son of Fanzines

One of my favorite zines from the last few years is one that was published in the winter of 2008 called My Time Annihilator: A Brief History of 1930's Science Fiction Fanzines. As a not-so-closet history geek, it was the kind of zine that made me wish that I had been the editor responsible for its creation. In addition to its cool antiquarian vibe, My Time Annihilator was super informative. In fact, it was by…


Added by Paco on December 4, 2011 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Kiyoshi Nakazawa - Drunken Master

When I read over my interview with Dadá  Mini before posting it to the web some weeks back, I winced when I got the question where Coco Muro asked for the names of some of the publications that were amongst my favorites. Though I remembered to give… Continue

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One more...because Sumayyah Said So

...because Sumayyah Said So

Free / digest-size/ 30pgs

PDF download available here

Like many zine enthusiasts, I treasure the tactile familiarity of printed words on hand-folded paper. Still, I was…


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Syndicated Zine Reviews: KFG5

Kung Fu Grip! #5

KFG is a beautifully put together zine. It’s the kind of zine that, after having read it, I keep thumbing through it to admire just how fucking cool it looks. With the aesthetic of a 1970’s era comic book/martial arts magazine, Kung Fu Grip #5 explores a wide… Continue

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Rarely Written Zine Reviews - Episode II

True confession.

The majority of the following zine reviews were actually written over the end of June and the first week of July. Somewhere between a nasty bout of writer's block and finally gettin' my mojo back, I remembered that I had forgotten to post 'em. Since nobody has been waiting' around to read what I thought of their zines, the fact that I'm posting these much later than originally planned is no great travesty. But I do still feel a smidgen of guilt that these didn't hit… Continue

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The Notorious B.M.P.

Last year, when I thanked my ex for the small batch of movies that she sent me in the mail, I withheld the fact that I hadn't watched one of them. In fact, I purposely avoided seeing this one particular movie when it came out, and was a little put off by the fact that–because of her–I now had a copy of it on my shelves.

Well, fast forward to late last night: I wanted to… Continue

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Sneak Peeks

The newest issue of Kung Fu Grip! has a lot of cool-looking content, including three beautiful full-color pages. But the traditional 'PLAY' section was still printed in black & white. I really liked the original color images that inspired the writing in this section, though, and decided to share online a sneak peek at four of the six products that were blurbed over these two pages. In addition to that, I also decided that I would share something else… Continue

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PLAY (Excerpts)*


Toon Tumblers

Remember those hot summer days of yesteryear when you walked into 7-Eleven with a handful of brow sweat and walked out gripping an icy beverage contained in a glass decorated with an image of your favorite comic book character? And remember how fun it was to go back every week to see which new hero glass…


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Geiger vs. Dali (Alien Autopsy Remix)*

It’s impossible to recollect what book I was thumbing through when I ran across this sketch by the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali. I do recall that I discovered it sometime during my first semester of graphic design school. That would probably date the photocopy that I made of it to sometime in 1994 or ‘95.

Come to… Continue

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KFG5 Mix Tape: Thirty Fingers of Death

This soundtrack was a mini-collaboration between myself and DJ Mane One for his long-running 30 Minute Mix blog. I supplied the cover and concept, and Mane provided a killer mix that he describes as "kung fu music put to funk." I call it thirty minutes of ass-kicking wax-ploitation, complete with outta' sight Jim Kelly sound bites.…


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May I Have Your Attention, Please?

Though it was originally planned for release in March, for a lot of different reasons it seemed like a good idea to post-pone the official release of KFG5 until May. The most significant of those reasons being that KFG4 had just come out in late February and – due to the response it was still getting – I thought it was appropriate to give that issue a…


Added by Paco on May 2, 2011 at 1:00am — 2 Comments

Merit Badge: Revenge

The Revenge of Print

In early January I learned that Baltimore's Atomic Books and Quimby's Books in Chicago had sent out a sort of call-to-arms to anyone who has ever produced a self-published zine, mini-comic, or full-sized comic book. The stores were encouraging bookmakers to turn out at least… Continue

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Xerox Debt & Payin' Dues

Xerox Debt & Payin' Dues

As anyone with even a sliver of ethics would feel, I want to state right up front that I feel a tad bit awkward about writing a review of the most recent issue of Xerography Debt. This because the latest issue contains two reviews of my…


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