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Bobby madness's Blog (91)

White Boy's Club Breakout

I was watching Taxi Driver the other day-I seen that flick more times than John Hinkley Jr.-and it really made me miss the Lower East Side.Martin Scorcese filmed that over on 10th street,by 3rd Avenue.Harvey Kietel look's like he's about 21 in it.That flick,to me,is punk as fuck.That's just my opinion,but I swear it was the first mohawk.Punk is definitely a matter of opinion.What some people might think is punk,other's might think is just bullshit.You can't really define it.Afro punk was a…


Added by bobby madness on November 9, 2012 at 7:05pm — No Comments

Why DeviantArt Should Be Destroyed

There's this big book on zines at the Library (Powell's),and it's got all the cover's of all these zines from,like,1910 and shit,with stupid description's written next to them.It's a pretty awesome book though,mostly because it has pictures of all the cover's of Sniffin' Glue.That's probably the first zine ever,really.That and PUNK,with all the John Holstrom art and shit.It's pretty extensive,with some 70's zines,like sci-fi zines and shit like you used to get at comic convention's back…


Added by bobby madness on November 6, 2012 at 3:09am — 6 Comments

Zine Regret's

As all you fan's of independant publishing out there know,there's some way out,wacky,interesting and fresh talent when it comes to Zines,Zine-making,Underground Zine lab's,Zine store's,Zine eyeglasses,Zine haz-mat safety suit's,and everything even remotely connected to Zines in any way,shape,or form.Zine bar's,Zine police,Zine fashion show's,Zine wear and Zine designer drug's are becoming more popular than oral sex lately.It seem's you cant walk two fucking feet without running into some…


Added by bobby madness on November 3, 2012 at 10:11pm — No Comments

Zine Review's:Gimme a Fucking Break

It's not too often I get reviewed.I send free zines out all the time,to all the zine reviewer's,but the fucking stuck up assholes don't say shit.I've given up.It's a waste of time.All they do is review their friend's shit,or something.But I did get a chance to put a 3 pager into Bird Hurdler (such a play on word's!),forcing people to see my shitty comic's,by putting them in between other peoples good comic's.So,of course I used the opportunity to get revenge on the world by subjecting the…


Added by bobby madness on November 1, 2012 at 8:01am — 2 Comments


The last issue of REAL MADNESS COMIC'S is almost done,and I just wanted to thank everybody that helped out.It's the 5th issue,and it's really boss,with alot of great stories-mostly,I'd like to thank Tim Goodyear,Tim Root,Dylan Williams,The Bad Apple,Floating World Comic's,Jason T. Miles,Reading Frenzy,Rhonda,Jim,Sean,The I.R.A.,De Paul Treatment Facility,The Clean Street Program,Dawn of the Dead,Barfwater Zine,Maximum Rock and Roll,Janelle Blarg,Skinhead Steve,Tim Yohannan,Henry Rollins,Iggy…


Added by bobby madness on October 29, 2012 at 1:46pm — No Comments

Zine Crush

Man,i was reading Zine Crush in the Library (Powell's),and I thought of my first zine crush.I was crashing in my friend Brett's basement without telling him.He was staying with this over the hill rock and roll chyck that thought she knew everything.They were eating all these crazy designer drug's and he was living there with her and her boyfriend,like,double teaming her and playing Psychocandy by Jesus and Mary Chain till thier eyes rolled out of thier head's,or something.Well,I met this…


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Self Publishing Car Chase leads to Police Harassment

Well,the other day I was typing my blog having a latte' at the cafe' (as alway's),just typing away,writing the usual stuff,about how boring zines are and how much band's suck and how hair gel used to really mean something.Well,this kid comes up and asks me if I'm Bobby Madness-I didn't really think much of it,so I said yeah.So then he asked me if I wanted to go meet this girl that really dug my comic's,and had been dying to meet me.Well,I'll admit it,I figured she was probably pretty…


Added by bobby madness on August 25, 2012 at 3:55pm — No Comments

Bad Apple RIP

I don't usually bring up local stuff,since I live in a small town no ones ever heard of-the Schenectady of the west coast-but today is different.Today,I'm pining over the loss of The Bad Apple,the coolest/crappiest store since As Seen On TV.For those of you who don't know (everybody),it was located in possibly the worst place to open a store,the meth soaked white trash haven of Foster Blvd-a section of town famous for hit & run's,whose chief export is Jail resident's.In it's heyday,there…


Added by bobby madness on August 21, 2012 at 9:55am — No Comments

Trigger Please!

Man,i could not go to the portland zine fest.no way,i just couldn't.I just would have gotten pissed off at all the stuck upedness,and people being wierd and not talking to me and shit.It's thier right to be a mean stuck up person,i guess,but i just would have bugged out and killed somebody.My friend's went to the one before this last one,and said everyone just treated them like dogshit.The wierd thing is,when i look at most of the shit that people are putting out,i just don't really…


Added by bobby madness on August 19, 2012 at 5:34pm — 2 Comments

destroy all moniker's

man,it sure is good to be free.not free of the burden's of life,or free from a troublesome past,but actually free-free to be you and me.free from fucking jail,and shit!man,that jail ain't no joke!they had me up on the max block too,with all these gangbanger's and psycho rape-o fuck's.and the food totally blew ass!it was all starchy and cold and shit.i did get to read Commanche Moon,an amazing book on Native American history though.plus,i cranked out Too Small Comic's three,which the staff at…


Added by bobby madness on June 21, 2012 at 2:00pm — No Comments

What to Write About in Zines

Alot of times,when people go to write a zine'they're faced with a blank.A lack of subject matter.You want to say something important,or at least worth reading.You want to say something that will be deep,that people will relate to.You want it to be like that person who wrote that zine you wish you could have written,yet mask it somehow so you don't get caught.You could write it about a show,except they all we're pretty by the book.You could exxagerate it,but that won't work.What depth's are…


Added by bobby madness on March 17, 2012 at 11:50pm — 1 Comment

More Old Zine Shit

1987 was stupid.I don't think we could have fully grokked the concept of a zine store like Reading Frenzy.The only place you saw zines were at show's.They were sold out of backpack's.Maybe travelling punk rocker's would have a bunch of them for trade.They were mostly traded,or handed out for free.Occasionaly some zine person would make the jump,go get a page in Maximum Rock & Roll or Forced Exposure,but not often.Zines were mostly photo collage,wierd art and flat out stolen articles from…


Added by bobby madness on March 14, 2012 at 7:24am — No Comments

Requiem for an Asshole

I don't like being institutionalized.I've alway's been against the Government,and they run all the institution's.But when you can't conform to the basic rules of society,it's inevitable.When your out of control,there are bigger thing's in place to control you.These agencies will step in when your action's allow it.And then all the thing's we take for granted are out the window.Vague rules and paperwork that is designed to quash every kind of abhorrent behavior deemed unfit for society is…


Added by bobby madness on March 14, 2012 at 6:23am — No Comments

Old Zine Shit

I have been trying to avoid writing a blog about memories of Zines from the past,but as i prepare to begin my sentence within the next week(as soon as theres a bed open),I feel compelled to put down something for posterity,and shit.I think 85 was a good year.I was living in a Ford Econoline in Berkeley with my wife,a 17 year old runaway from Boston.University Avenue had a cool coffee shop,that was our bathroom/breakfast spot.Comic Relief was around the corner.That was where i first met D,who…


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Portland Zine Symposium 2012 at Compound secretly profit's Racist Anti Abortion Forces

i didn't make it to the shitty,stupid,fucking sellout fake zinefest last year.neither did dylan.he had a good reason,but mine is better-it SUCKED SHIT.i was at work,for one.if your a member of we make zines,work is a place you go when you grow up and pay bill's-you'll find out about it later.anyway's,though,how do i know it was a horrible travesty and a crime against the zine community(which also sucks)?well,first off'it was located in Compound,a fucking stuffy,sellout capitalist dump that…


Added by bobby madness on March 8, 2012 at 8:27am — 6 Comments


i do zines because i wouldnt do no major publisher type shit.fuck that.they'd say like i couldnt put no sex or some shit in there.or that it was racist,or something.i have to be free to draw cool-i couldnt do some stupid computer style shit.i gotta be more like homemade.i do zines.i do zines cuz everybody else started doing something better.i do zines because i'm not smart enough to do a real book.i do zines because i cant get my shit together.i do zines because i didnt pay attention in… Continue

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what NOT to do in zines (or anything)

man,i blew that studio up.i blew it to smithereens.my ex-roomates were pissed.it was over on 28th and burnside.i'd like to say it wasnt my fault,but it was.now everyone hates me.i had too much stuff crammed in there,i guess.i had my art table tanya made me.i had my set list collection on the wall.i had a bar,stocked with cheap well booze,and a bunch of cool bar schwag.i had my silk screen set up,and my airbrush,and all my art.i had my t.v.,which my roomates were always busting in to watch.i was… Continue

Added by bobby madness on July 15, 2011 at 6:14am — No Comments

cop's suck

well,zine-makers,zinebot's,zine readers and just plain folk-usually i use this blog to talk about incredible,earth shattering events like my new shirt or a neat story about a kooky band.but today there's something we,as homosexual's,must freak out about-and that is the horrible,sickening,tragic fucked up police brutality facing us in the face.i'm talking about portlands 479th death in police custody.the official report says the suspect ran and fell on 12 bullets,but that's just the media's… Continue

Added by bobby madness on July 12, 2011 at 12:37pm — No Comments

zines:for us,not you

theres alot of scenes on the east coast,but really if they were any good,they would be in new york.it doesnt make sense to put out a zine if you live in some embarrasingly crappy dump like philly.maybe philly,but if your any souther,you have no right to publish a zine.the south is racist,so,if you live there,you obviously tolerate racism,or you'd change it,or move to a real city.there are no actual zines from anywhere below the mason dixon line.people from the south are too stupid to have… Continue

Added by bobby madness on July 8, 2011 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

working with the bands

well,the 4th of july is over,thank goddess.i had to work through the whole weekend-nobody else wanted any of the shifts.i work in a bar,so it was really busy.it was cool though,i made alot of tips.plus i got to see some killer bands play.there was only a couple of fights,too,so it was pretty laid back.i guess everybody was too happy and drunk to fight.some somalian cat tried to punch me in the face,but the back doorguy caught his fist just in time.i could hear it whizz by my face.he caught one… Continue

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