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Bobby madness's Blog (91)

Bobby Madness,King of Punk Rock Cartooning

Well,Real Madness Comic's 5 just came out,and it's the last issue of the 5 issue comic/zine series for Tim @ Teenage Dinosaur.I was just down at the tail end of The Projects 2,and I'm proud to say I sold one copy!It took a lot of time to finish-I started it in the rehab.Tim snuck me in a bunch of brushes and art supplies,and I had to wake up at 3 am to draw,before my 8:00 meditation class.I hid it from everybody,so it wouldnt get confiscated due to violent content,like happened to other…


Added by bobby madness on August 26, 2013 at 11:37am — No Comments

PZS Shit yo

Well,I hit the Portland Zine Symposium Saturday A.M.,and it was kill.I didn't have any new shit,so I filled my backpack with Real Madness Comics 4 and a stack of old Nerd Burglars I got for doing a comic in.I took my daughter down there with me,and I think she was probably the youngest person there.I got some ill trades-I didn't have to spend a dime.Plus she got a bunch of free stickers,including some Hello Kitty tattoos.Tim Root,a sick artist in his own right,had a table and gave me his new…


Added by bobby madness on August 12, 2013 at 7:25am — 3 Comments

Portland Zine Symposium Madness Promo

Tim told me yesterday that the Portland Zine Symposium was this Saturday,so I think if my comic gets done by then,I will probably make it down there to try to trade some of them,or sell them.Its the last issue of Real Madness Comics,#5.Its sort of the end of my run with Teenage Dinosaur.I was drawing it figuring it would be my last comic/zine ever,and then I was going to move on to more successful,money paying projects,but most of the people I hooked up with were pretty broke.I'm definitely…


Added by bobby madness on August 8, 2013 at 9:22am — No Comments

Top 10 Reasons I Love Zines

1-I can light them on fire and throw them in a gallon of gasoline and throw it into a store filled with flammable zines and watch it burn to the ground.

2-I can come up to people and be like "Hey!Hey look!Look at me!Hey!I have a zine!Isnt that great?I'm so amazing!Look at my zine!Look!Look at me!Look!Over here!Hey!"

3-I can sell drugs to people through my zine using encrypted messages,or soak LSD in ink and paint pages with it and mail them into prisons,using freedom of speech…


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Dylan Williams,R.I.P

I think its cool people are reprinting all of Dylans shit online.Dylan was one cat that did sum up the proper ethos of what an independant publisher should strive for-he was down for the art,not the profit.Its a good way to be,since you arent going to make any fucking money anyway.Another thing that made Dylan cool was,he was a serious fan of comics.Zines are fanzines-made by fans of the art form-a nice way of saying,non-professional.Call it whatever you want.Theres definitely a loss due to…


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My Zine History:The end of 1983

I got in more trouble than I bargained for in San Frisco.I was sick of stealing food,so I started going to soup kitchens.That was where I met Aaron and Case.I was trying to finish my comic,but had nowhere to draw.SF Skins or worse were wrecking all the squats.Although as a rule I hated peace punks (aka Crassholes),I decided to crash with these two guys in this truck with a boat turned upside down on the back of it to make a camper out of it,on Fulton & 25th.They sold acid for this hippy…


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Forging Famous Authors Autographs for Fun and Profit

Making comics and getting them printed was my first attempt to go legit.I was doing alot of side jobs-running paper.As a great artist,I had a marketable skill level;phony i.d.'s and forgery,mostly.I could forge anything.My connect's used to bring me stolen checks,and I could do any signature ever.I really wanted to make engraving plates someday.I made great fake i.d.'s.Painted state seals on with glitter nail polish.I was breaking into storage units and stealing books to sell,and I got a…


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Madness Zine History 1983

1983 I was still trying to draw comics.I wanted to put out a preppy comic about teenagers-like an Archie comic for punk rockers.I was having a hard time finding space to draw in.It was too hard in the city.I was like,crashing on rooftops and shit.Chris was trying to get into a decent squat,but most of the squats wanted people that were really commited.We were just drunk.I started doing an action comic,BADMAN,and trying to print that up,but I didnt have any money.If I drew political shit,I…


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Madness Zine History 1982

In 81,I was living with my friend Chris on the streets.I came back to New York after bombing out in Cali.I was sure I had what it took to become a successful cartoonist,though.I just didnt have my shit together enough to print books up.I barely had my shit together enough to shoplift food,run street hustles,and find places to crash out in.But I knew I had my finger on something:my punk rock comics were funny.People liked them,and this encouraged me.They were about real things,albiet…


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Zine History Madness 1980

I didn't really get into zines near the end of the 70's.I was wrapped up in getting high and running away from home and getting kicked out of school,or hot rodding car's and other chaos.When I finally ended up in New York again,I was down on the Lower East Side.There was alot of access to all the best zines in the universe there.There were alot of cool artist's putting out great publication's,and I remember reading STOP,and The Voice,PUNK Magazine,and ton's of other cool graphic's and shit.I…


Added by bobby madness on February 24, 2013 at 6:43am — 2 Comments

My Zine History,1975

Going to Comic Convention's was the best thing in the world to me.While I dug the mainstream Marvel shit,and the San Francisco Underground shit,I was increasingly drawn to the fanzines that were sporadically printed and sold at the Convention's.Stuff like Squa Tron and other small publication's printed bt fan's,to me,seemed like a bridge between the unobtainable world of big time superhero book's and more human,smaller publication's.Already attracted to Underground Press through copies of…


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My Zine Ancient History-74/75

In the mid 70's,there were Comic Conventions about once or twice a year in New York.I would have to go,of course.I could find rare stuff,Basil Wolverton art,underground comic's,and superhero fare that was not available at the drugstore,which was where my dad got me comic's.My mom got them for me at the headshop.Comic's to me were more than just cool-they were,like science fiction and book's,a bridge to a fantasy world I could easily escape to.They were easily to relate to for me:the casual…


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Fanzine Fuckface Memories 0f 1972

We eventually got driven out of the old house.I'll alway's remember the impact that moldy dump had on me though.The silk screened poster's that were everywhere,although corny and hippy dippy in retrospect,at the time seemed like the coolest thing in the universe to me.There were alway's cool psychedelic poster's hanging up on all the wall's.Probably my last discovery before we got evicted was a big washing machine in the hall.It was filled with old book's,by Edgar Rice Burrough's,L Sprague…


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Root's Of Honky Motherland

The old house in the wood's was a wreck.It was condemned-it was unfit for human habitation.People shook thier head's and went,"Tch-so sad children have to live like that".It was confusing to me-I didn't give a fuck-I was 5.It was actually being used to store old junk in when we moved in.It had racoon's,which I fed cherry tomatoes to so they would leave my room.The collection of comic's upstair's in the attic was enough for me.The copies of The Masses really intrigued me.The art was alot…


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Early Influences on Zine Shit

I alway's loved printed matter,from the earliest day's I can remember.Probably the first art I saw that I dug was printed.Mass communication,to me,instantly mean's your art is worth a shit.Obviously,I'm wrong,but this is just a core belief I developed somewhere along the way.My aunt,who lived up by Central Park had a book of old MAD magazines,and those were my first memories of comic's.In 1970,my mom moved out to the Catskill's,behind my Grandparent's house,to get away from my dad because he…


Added by bobby madness on December 25, 2012 at 9:54am — 1 Comment

How I Make My Zine

I'm going to write a blog on how I personally make my zine-not that other people have to do thing's my way.Alot of zines I see look great just the way they are.Sort of like the scrapbook class at Collage on Alberta Street.I'm glad I can enter a world where homelessness,racism,social causes,and poverty don't exist-zine world.A world where the right's of nose ring wearing college kid's take precedent over massacres in Darfur.I'm glad the important art,like a page of an engraving from an…


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Leah Ryan

I remember Leah from way the fuck back.She was the coolest girl I had ever met at the time.Our parent's were dating,and they stuck us kid's together because we was both 13 year old misfit's.We hit it off,and hung out together some that fall.Her dad,who she hates,had a house down by the lake.Me and her discovered David Bowie's Diamond Dog's together.We played the fuck out of it,listening to Rebel Rebel 400 thousand million times.She was definitely more sophisticated than me,and I was…


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Occupy,The Clash,Kill Anarfuck's

Anarchist zines are usually pretty generic.Theres a lot of extremist rhetoric,some horribly copied graphic's,usually some painfully patronizing out of touch pandering to ethnic group's they are in awe of.I don't personally practice politic's anymore,except when I vote,but I'm smart enough to know that most anarchist's are like thier zines-big on talk,but lax on action,or result's.That's why,although I have mixed feeling's about it,it's cool to see the Occupy movement out there,getting pepper…


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California Job Box Memories

Alot of cat's say I'm old school,but really,I'm just old.But I feel it's a good idea to relate my experiences that pertain to printing and art and shit,for fucking posterity,the record,zines of the future,and my primary counselor.I've alway's been enamored with printing.Comic's and printed art were all I ever wanted to look at.Marvel Comic's,the Whole Earth Catalog,and underground comic's were all I ever read during my youth as a rotten hippy child.I studied Zap and S.Clay Wilson,and even…


Added by bobby madness on November 19, 2012 at 9:31pm — 1 Comment

Capitalism vs. Creativity

I figure when your putting out a zine,you can at best hope to cover your cost's,and that's about it.You might be able to make a little change to cover the time you spent putting it together,but probably only if you price it really high.That will probably hinder distribution,so your going to end up with the same amount of a different problem.You could get it printed at a real print shop,but you'd have to print up ton's of copies and spend a bunch of money,which there is a slight possibility…


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