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Bobby madness's Blog – August 2013 Archive (6)

Fuck Cultural Assimilation

Alot of people like to throw around big word's and point finger's these day's,judging what should and shouldn't be seen or done,in thier opinion.It's a cheap trick-an easy way to make yourself feel like your doing something.Everyone's got an opinion lately,and putting down other peoples stuff by slapping negative label's on it makes them seem validated.If your vague enough about what you say,and can make it stick,you can maybe organize a witch hunt,if your lucky.Cultural assimilation is one…


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Portland 1993/4

The grow house was only 350 buck's a month.It got shot up by some Rollin 60's awhile ago.If you sat on the porch,junkies would hit you up for money and smokes,so they got a pit bull.It was 3 blocks off Alberta Street.They had another one a couple block's down-there were 10 1000 watt light's in each basement.Even I wouldn't live in them,so they just sat there,empty.We hung out there and partied,to make it seem like people lived there.Portland was different then-at least for me.Me and about 5…


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Time,to me,is meaningless.It could be yesterday,tommorow,next year,100 year's ago-it's a worthless concept.I just don't give a fuck.This whole joint could be a Philip K. Dick plot twist.I don't know.It's insignificant.I was living in California-North Oakland,to be exact.Right on Telegraph-it was a step up for me,from West Oakland-Ghost Town.I had this 19 year old girlfriend-real sweet,but kind of a bubble head.We rode around on beat up Schwinn's,smoking weed.I was drawing comic's.Protest's…


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Bobby Madness,King of Punk Rock Cartooning

Well,Real Madness Comic's 5 just came out,and it's the last issue of the 5 issue comic/zine series for Tim @ Teenage Dinosaur.I was just down at the tail end of The Projects 2,and I'm proud to say I sold one copy!It took a lot of time to finish-I started it in the rehab.Tim snuck me in a bunch of brushes and art supplies,and I had to wake up at 3 am to draw,before my 8:00 meditation class.I hid it from everybody,so it wouldnt get confiscated due to violent content,like happened to other…


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PZS Shit yo

Well,I hit the Portland Zine Symposium Saturday A.M.,and it was kill.I didn't have any new shit,so I filled my backpack with Real Madness Comics 4 and a stack of old Nerd Burglars I got for doing a comic in.I took my daughter down there with me,and I think she was probably the youngest person there.I got some ill trades-I didn't have to spend a dime.Plus she got a bunch of free stickers,including some Hello Kitty tattoos.Tim Root,a sick artist in his own right,had a table and gave me his new…


Added by bobby madness on August 12, 2013 at 7:25am — 3 Comments

Portland Zine Symposium Madness Promo

Tim told me yesterday that the Portland Zine Symposium was this Saturday,so I think if my comic gets done by then,I will probably make it down there to try to trade some of them,or sell them.Its the last issue of Real Madness Comics,#5.Its sort of the end of my run with Teenage Dinosaur.I was drawing it figuring it would be my last comic/zine ever,and then I was going to move on to more successful,money paying projects,but most of the people I hooked up with were pretty broke.I'm definitely…


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