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Bobby madness's Blog – July 2011 Archive (5)


i do zines because i wouldnt do no major publisher type shit.fuck that.they'd say like i couldnt put no sex or some shit in there.or that it was racist,or something.i have to be free to draw cool-i couldnt do some stupid computer style shit.i gotta be more like homemade.i do zines.i do zines cuz everybody else started doing something better.i do zines because i'm not smart enough to do a real book.i do zines because i cant get my shit together.i do zines because i didnt pay attention in… Continue

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what NOT to do in zines (or anything)

man,i blew that studio up.i blew it to smithereens.my ex-roomates were pissed.it was over on 28th and burnside.i'd like to say it wasnt my fault,but it was.now everyone hates me.i had too much stuff crammed in there,i guess.i had my art table tanya made me.i had my set list collection on the wall.i had a bar,stocked with cheap well booze,and a bunch of cool bar schwag.i had my silk screen set up,and my airbrush,and all my art.i had my t.v.,which my roomates were always busting in to watch.i was… Continue

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cop's suck

well,zine-makers,zinebot's,zine readers and just plain folk-usually i use this blog to talk about incredible,earth shattering events like my new shirt or a neat story about a kooky band.but today there's something we,as homosexual's,must freak out about-and that is the horrible,sickening,tragic fucked up police brutality facing us in the face.i'm talking about portlands 479th death in police custody.the official report says the suspect ran and fell on 12 bullets,but that's just the media's… Continue

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zines:for us,not you

theres alot of scenes on the east coast,but really if they were any good,they would be in new york.it doesnt make sense to put out a zine if you live in some embarrasingly crappy dump like philly.maybe philly,but if your any souther,you have no right to publish a zine.the south is racist,so,if you live there,you obviously tolerate racism,or you'd change it,or move to a real city.there are no actual zines from anywhere below the mason dixon line.people from the south are too stupid to have… Continue

Added by bobby madness on July 8, 2011 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

working with the bands

well,the 4th of july is over,thank goddess.i had to work through the whole weekend-nobody else wanted any of the shifts.i work in a bar,so it was really busy.it was cool though,i made alot of tips.plus i got to see some killer bands play.there was only a couple of fights,too,so it was pretty laid back.i guess everybody was too happy and drunk to fight.some somalian cat tried to punch me in the face,but the back doorguy caught his fist just in time.i could hear it whizz by my face.he caught one… Continue

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