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Bobby madness's Blog – May 2011 Archive (9)


yo,peace out to my mom,ghod(alanis morrisette),tim root,tim goodyear,c.cilla,ian sundahl,j-love,mad money mike,killer kowalski,krowbar krew,RCF,jimmy dean,nowhere,zero,kayo plenty,cold cash money,art fagz,code money,sir vicious,up the hoodz,Never Been Caught(NBC),1 800 CASH,johnny nowhere and the teenage gayblades,Anonymous,Neo,Elf,pirate,the sick boys,the sik fux(the female contingent),NAS,my sister,cometbus,EBU,the Sad Boys,SOSA,Attitude Adjustment,Brainhole,aaron & naomi,too tall… Continue

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Biological Attacks at Zine Conventions

you dont have to be in a band,or some kind of crazy artist to make a zine,but you know,it really helps!alot of crazy shit has happened lately-a black president,right wing assassinations,mexicos drug war,unions getting smashed-the list goes on and on.it impacts all of us-unless your so greedy and self centered that you dont notice or care about these things.i guess if you can afford yourself a protective little middle class bubble,where the biggest problems are the ones facing you and your…


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heroin in zines

you know,heroin is really attractive(secretly)to alot of young hipsta zine skank freaks you see working the corners at zine conventions.its sad to see heroin chic drift into every aspect of every counterculture.the beourgious thing to do would be to completely ignore the problem,and pretend it doesnt exist,just like we were conditioned to do from birth.honestly though,i think alot more people use heroin than anybody likes to admit.if you figure in other opiates like oxy's and vicodin,you really… Continue

Added by bobby madness on May 27, 2011 at 1:32am — 1 Comment

drugs and zines

man,blogging drunk is bad news-but blogging drunk and on oxycodone,while smoking weed is worse!you dont know what the hell your saying.or,even worse,only you know what your saying,and it sounds like gibberish to everybody else.zines are counter culture,and so are drugs.therefore,it only makes sense that if you do a bunch of drugs,you will be able to make a better zine.right?hells no!i tried that,back when i was totally hopped up on goofballs,doing ten,twenty bucks worth of real and fake dope… Continue

Added by bobby madness on May 24, 2011 at 7:37pm — 1 Comment

fuck a fuckin eighties

man,i didnt have nowhere to do zines in frisco.i wanted to do zines-shit,i had to do zines.i had shit to say!i wisht i could do a kill zine like mrr.i was but a lowly street punk then.i had no means at my disposal.aaron and c-money(chris)what i met at yonder soup kitchen had a great house i could live in.there was a few catches though-first off(the bad news)it wasnt a house(or,haus,if your white(which you probably are,since this site is so white they oughtta call it racebook))it was a pickup… Continue

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copyright infringement,a.k.a.stealing-a zine""staple"

zine makers,possibly the most self righteous people on the planet,are always quick to jump down anybody and everybodys throat with incredibly vague,misdirected,elitest accusations of random bullshit,usually sexism,racism,homophobia,agoraphobia,eco-centrism,agiesm or animal cruelty.accusations of abuse,hatred of women,cats,barn owls,scenes,community,you name it.you cant just walk around todays modern ziney sceney saying crazy,harmful,strong worded shit,like,"my favorite color is red".that's like… Continue

Added by bobby madness on May 19, 2011 at 3:13am — No Comments

Vt. blog Bibliography Redux;retro hetro in the metro

most people who read this blog are probably wondering why i would use a site about zines to tell a completely boring unrelated story,that doesnt even belong here.well,first off,it is related to zines,because for me that was the situation of early exposure to actual making of art and zines.but also,its an interesting experience that was slightly cool and unique in the fact that it happened a long time ago and in a forieghn country,so not everybody has experienced it.therefore its probably…


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vermontster mash

there was a good side,and a bad side to vermont.the good side was the hippy dope growers and local artists who helped me out.the bad side was me.i was really negative,always bitching and spouting meaningless anti government rhetoric.my girlfriend was a high-maintenence rich girl with mental problems.we fought alot,and stole weed.we never worked,and fucked constantly.during the pot harvest we had encouraged gun fights.a car got blown up,and when everybody ran down to see it,the dope got ripped… Continue

Added by bobby madness on May 6, 2011 at 5:53am — No Comments

vermont sucks pt2

we got back to the city with 2 grand each and a couple pounds.i wanted to chill out with some hookers but forrest wouldnt let me.we got a couple bundles,and sat around shooting up at my friend bobby's pad on 2nd.i was disillusioned with new york.i liked hanging out with the transvestites at the disco donut,but i was not into the scene anymore.the bands i dug,they were gone-television,the voidoids,etc.,had broke up or sold out.i was 2 tone now,but hanging out at cb's was lame.nazi skins was… Continue

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