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On zine-festing ...

I went to brooklyn a couple of weeks ago for the first NYC Feminist Zine Fest. 

I will go ahead and admit that during zine fests, I have typically had a hard time staying in one place. Last year for Philly Zine Fest, I was all up in some organizing nonsense, and spent a fair amount of time going around to trade as well. It was a good time, I met a lot of really cool people. But just tabling my wares was so nice, too. It's also quite different tabling as a distro (where I've…


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New Zines, and a blog about Feminist Zine Fest

I picked up some new zines from NYC Feminist Zine Fest this weekend, and just added them to the site: 

Suburban Blight…


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Zine Appreciation Blog. <3

I want to take a minute to talk about some zine happenings. 


I tabled my distro at a first friday art and trunk show at the beginning of the month. Bad timing, I guess, or not the right venue. It was super loud, and not a lot of people were familiar with the concept of zines, or were too busted by the $10 cover to buy anything more than drinks. Which, ok. It was definitely a learning experience. I learned a lot about about tabling. Initially, I had been concerned that I…


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New Zines AND February's Zinester of the Month!

Elvis Bakatis is a zine rockstar!

Also added recently: 

Functionally Ill #8-#11

Deafula #2

Pancakes and Poison

Twinks for Sale

Give Me Hope or Give Me Death

and 5 new one inch buttons!

(If you act quickly, you can still take advantage of free shipping until Feb 1 on orders over $30!)

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Looking for artists for: Queerios - a radical coloring and activity book!

Queerios: A Radical Coloring Book This will be the kind of activity book I never got (but always wanted) in my early teens. I’d like to put together a coloring and activity book highlighting people who were groundbreaking to you, personally. Harvey Milk and Oscar Wilde will always have a place carved out for them. This is about exploring people who did more than admit their same-sex …attraction to the rest of the world. How about what Leslie Feinburg and Kate Borenstein did for trans…


Added by Sarah Arr! on January 21, 2012 at 12:57pm — 2 Comments

Once Upon A Distro is Open for Business!

After several months of hard work, Once Upon A Distro is ready to send some zines to you. Every order comes with bonus swag!Pins, postcards, stickers and zines. Who knows what will turn out to be included with your order?!

You can also still send zines for submission to: Sarah Rose, 201 W. Evergreen Ave. #1012, Philadelphia, PA 19118

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Zine Grab Bags! The gift that keeps on giving!

So, I have 6 zine grab bags containing at least 8 full/half zines each, several quarter sized zines and minis, a couple of buttons, and fliers for other people's rad projects. I'm not going to set a price on these higher than postage (since most of them were trades that I don't have the space to keep around), but whatever extra you include will go towards adding inventory to my distro. (which is www.onceuponadistro.com)

Added by Sarah Arr! on December 13, 2011 at 2:56pm — 1 Comment

Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric #11

I finished copying, collating, and stapling the 11th issue of my zine, Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric last night, only to receive a really sweet, hesitant call from a friend asking if I meant to misspell the name on purpose. I actually did not, but as a result, the first print run will have a very small amount of pink sharpie hand lettering, and can be obtained by sending $3 ppd to my address, or via paypal to piratesarah@gmail.com, or by trading perzines with me.


I have never…


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Once Upon a Distro is Now Accepting Submissions!

I've been making zines since I was 15 - more than half of my life. At various points, zines have been a way for me to connect to communities that I didn't have access to, as well as being an important place for me to write about the stuff going on in my life. 

I've always written zines. I've always read zines. I've always wanted to do more. So, now I am. Once Upon a Distro is open for submissions starting now, and will be open for purchases and things starting in January of…


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Philly Zine Fest / Philly Zine Community

So, Philly Zine Fest is November 13 noon to six at The Rotunda! We've been working really hard to make sure that everything is all set for this event. 


In the meantime, we're putting together a Zine Reading on October 14th Wooden Shoe Books and Records to help with fundraising and to get you hyped! Be there @ 7PM to hear some awesome folks read from their zines. Interested in reading? Get in…


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The Personal Post (Philly specific post to follow)

So. I have been writing new stuff for my zine. But I have a lot of much older stuff that deals with addiction/recovery/tying it all together. I'm not sure what to do with the older stuff. It legit isn't bad, and I'm proud of the writing that I did while I was clawing my way out of such a gross downward spiral. But the new stuff is mostly about moving to Philly and falling in love with the city, my partner, and various places and things here. They're just so vastly…


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Been gone so long!

So, wow. I moved to Philly, and dropped out of zine making. Why, you ask? Job, relationship, etc. All of the stuff that usually get in the way. 


So I have this best of zine that I made right after I got here, but never really distributed. Does anyone wanna trade? I think I have ten copies or so. I have a bunch of material surrounding my pretty serious drug addiction, deciding to get clean, and move away from my hometown. So I'll probably put all that in the next ish, but…


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Moving, Philly, and zine titles, among other things.

So, in Sept, I will be moving to Philly. I'm really excited about this for a lot of reasons. I'm 30 and there are a million things I've never done, places I've never been, etc. Also as much as I love Tazewell, and it partially made me who I am, the opportunities are really limited here. Job and educational opportunities, of course, but also social ones. I love my family and friends and I feel so lucky to have the friends I do that I don't even have words to describe it (which is kind of ironic… Continue

Added by Sarah Arr! on August 12, 2010 at 10:42am — 1 Comment

So yeah ... zine trades?

I just finished an issue. And I have some spare copies of #8.

#8 is about friendship and trying to maintain hostile feelings about other women while still being a strong feminist. Queer rage, daddy issues, lesbian desire, and the untimely death of a friend.

#9 is about drug use, falling in love, accepting that I'll never have a relationship with my dad, gender, friendship/family.

Anyone wanna trade? mine for yours? Or two for two?

Added by Sarah Arr! on January 12, 2010 at 10:29pm — 5 Comments

Zine Immersion

So, I've been off for work for the past few days, and have kinda re-immersed myself in zine culture, reading zines and comics, listening to zine podcasts, finishing a long overdue issue of my own and compiling stuff for a best of. I went through a box and found some ooooold ass stickers from back in the day and stuck 'em to my laptop. I made a list of people I'd like to swap with and started writing letters and mailing zines.

Then on the 4th day of non-stop zine-o-rama, I remembered… Continue

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Catchall update.

I moved (again) to the next town over (again), but I work all the time. I have been dragging out zines that I have loved (or zines that randomly I've had for years and haven't read). I miss creating and am going to (sometime in the near future) take all of my brain poopings (journals, drawings, etc) and stick 'em on some pages and take them to the printer. Be prepared.

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Book List '08

So, I've put this everywhere else (partially because I'm excited about having read so much, partly to gather suggestions). Just in case you haven't seen it, and want to suggest a book. I won't promise to read it, but I'll at least look at the description on amazon and consider it. Not to sound like a jerk ... but you know. Not everyone has the same interests.

These are the books I have read so far this year.

1) A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius - Dave… Continue

Added by Sarah Arr! on October 19, 2008 at 11:22am — 3 Comments

Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric zines

Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric 8 addresses issues of friendship and trying to maintain hostile feelings about other women while still being a strong feminist. Queer rage, daddy issues, lesbian desire, and the untimely death of a friend.

Excerpt: I just wish it were clear. I wish that I knew what happened. I wish that he didn't die alone and sad. I wish that he'd asked for help. Or that one of us had tried harder because there's nothing for it now.

I cannot imagine being so… Continue

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rilly, rilly cool ...

There's a lot more to We Make Zines than I realized. This is a pretty cool site.

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