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Twilight World #22

Tis been awhile, so here we go...

"In this latest issue of my perzine, I get all homesick on your ass with an issue long trite, ‘My L. A.’; where I talk about parts of my old hometown. It only gets worse when I go into areas of this urban jungle in detail like Santa Monica, Venice Beach, South Bay and Long Beach (yea, I know the latter isn’t really part of L. A., but I was grasping for straws here). There’s even slightly more room for a sub-plot: old record stores I use to hang-out…


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Twilight World #21

20 B&W pages of god-knows-what of the following: two weeks-worth of Mardi Gras in New Orleans with MANY pictures, a comic balls deep into Pulp Fiction and the rest of the 90’s (only with fur) and a opening shout out and warning to Dick Vaughn and what was left of the 70’s in his wake.

It’s digest size, 20 B&W pages with a $3 price tag or selective trade.

For details, go to: …


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Twilight World #20

In this issue of my perzine, you’ll get a double dose of holiday cheer abuse with a rare double cover and a review of some fave holiday music and then you stumble down memory lane with me on one of my personal tour through a furry convention. Plus we pay a small tribute to Negativland’s Don Joyce and our mysterious lady of The Molotov Cocktail Hour.

B&W, digest-size and it comes with a $3 price tag.

For a copy, go to either…


Added by Don-O on November 3, 2015 at 6:43pm — No Comments

Twilight World #19

Announcing the latest issue of my perzine TWILIGHT WORLD. This issue is taken up by a travelogue of three trips in two months; Laughlin, a small pit stop in Las Vegas and three weeks’ worth of New Orleans, LA!  There are also pictures, largely of New Orleans and many of its festivals and Easter parades (3 in one day. They love parades!)


This issue is 20 B&W pages and digest size and it comes with a $2 price tag with selective trades. For a $1, you can get the PDF…


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Space Age Ash Tray #2

For this second issue of this here ‘Space Age’ culture zine, we take more than a toe dip into the 1980 movie musical, Xanadu starting Olivia Newton-John & Gene Kelly. The movie might have originally died in the box office, but its legacy still lives on with fans….like yours truly.

How this film has survived and how it fits into all this is examined with some of the various Xanadu related articles I’ve written for web sites, zines and other formats over the years; highlights from…


Added by Don-O on February 6, 2015 at 11:20pm — No Comments

Twilight World #18

This issue of TW goes a “zine retro” by taking a step back to 5 ½ to 8 ½ digest size. Smaller size but more pages, 18 big small ones!

This time, two damned Vegas trips are chronicled, proof of Vegas culture is examined as I attended a comic/book fest with an appearance of F. Andrew Taylor and son, see a show by Olivia Newton-John and a rare appearance by Shumuck-O Rat!

As mentioned before, this issue is digest size, 16 B&W pages and comes with a $2 dollar price…


Added by Don-O on January 26, 2015 at 4:27pm — No Comments

Space Age Ash Tray #1


The easiest way to describe this zine is that it’s similar to VH1’s old I Love The 70’s/80’s/90’s/etc., only without the smarminess amidst the cultural deconstruction and this covers the 60’s and 70’s…..and I’m not a celebrity. This is just a collection of notes and artwork covering the era I grew up in but too young to remember.

This first issue covers by background and why I’m rehashing it, a photo essay on apartment signage and ‘tiki’ in my hometown…


Added by Don-O on January 24, 2015 at 12:49pm — No Comments

Twilight World #13

Ready to pollute the visual airwaves of the zine world, the newest issue of Twilight World (#13) offers 12 pages of perzine god-knows-what. Featured are a stroll through the streets of Bakersfield, CA and an almost fail art project immortalizing many unpopular cult musicians. Also crammed in are reviews of a…


Added by Don-O on August 25, 2012 at 10:27pm — No Comments

8-TRACK MIND #101 review

This following is a small review of the new issue of Twilight World:

8-Track Mind #101 $3

(no address given)

Can fragments of the old and obsolete of decades past like the 8-track tape format be seriously considered beyond nostalgia? It’s a basic idea a lot of people can’t get their collective heads around….much less know what 8 track tapes are.

I knew what they were, but until I found 8 Track Mind, I didn’t see much in them either. I’m not much of an audiophile…


Added by Don-O on April 18, 2012 at 6:15pm — No Comments


Another damned quarter and it’s time for yet another damned issue of my quarterly perzine/bitch-fest TWILIGHT WORLD. Its issue #11 and, this time, 12 pages crammed with my personal reasons I don’t have care much for 1980’s music with some possible exceptions like Swing Out Sister, Negativland and Was (Not Was). Plus, I dig an old “dairy” from my New Orleans trip from six months after Katrina where I end up on the first Grey Line Katrina tour.

Fortunately, I only had… Continue

Added by Don-O on October 2, 2011 at 9:36pm — No Comments


In this perzine bitchfest, I force myself to relive my ever-so-brief glory days of working at a comic store (two weeks worth) and paying the price of watching The Gong Show in public. Plus, very brief notes on surviving Mardi Gras and the vortexes in Sedona, Arizona…and then yer standard reviews.

This sucker is 12 B&W pages, 8 x 11 and comes with a $2 price tag. No trades to prisoners!

Send interest, money and good trade to:

Don Fields

266 Ramona… Continue

Added by Don-O on June 4, 2011 at 5:59pm — No Comments

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