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As the zine grinds


I've been doing art.   All kinds of changes going on and the art still keeps going.   So the other day I finally find the first two issues of Phaugy Dox and look through them and I still like them.

It's pushed me to do a third which I had no idea that I would do.  After the first two I didn't know…


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I'm thinking maybe I need to do a zine about menopause...tried to find out if there were others who make zines who are going through this madness....I don't even know if it matters.  

Tomorrow is/has to be better than how I feel now.   I don't want to feel this way for years and years more of this place.

Menopause sucks.   I can't take anything to make it better, all the stuff either doesn't touch this or I'm alergic to it....I just want to make it stop…


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Back in the saddle of trying to find work.  Too much makes me sick anymore.

Sick of looking at want ads for collection agencies and banks.

sick of wanting and not getting.

sick of feeling like to have I must whore out myself.

sick of tired useless useless.

my corner of the mess is getting more smaller every day.

sick of feeling so helpless to help all the people who are drowning in all this shit that's labeled economic.



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After wandering a bit

It's been a busy few months since I was here last. I finished the second vol. of Phaugey Dox and they have since become part of a larger book.

A grand zine. I'm working on two at the moment. They have offered obsticals of how to put them together which I have solved by wrapping the folded edges to make the binding..

Evolution at work. I'm working on some papers which could be turned into individual zines at some point, but who's to say.

I'm still enjoying the process.

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The next zine

I haven't finished my second zine which seems to be all art at this point. But it has been sitting at a place now that feels stuck. I figure that at some point more pictures will come so that I can finish it.

My third zine which I'm fumbling around for a collective title for at the moment is just getting started. It feels like this zine is about finally saying something about all the things that I have wanted to say but couldn't figure out how.

I don't know if it will…


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2nd zine and how I got side tracked

I was happily working on my second zine. I was reading and thinking maybe I should stick with art, since art is what I know about, so I ripped out part of the guts of my second zine. I made the decision to just do art, then some things happened, and now here it is a few weeks later, my life is over flowing with all kinds of things and there sits my second zine looking at me accusingly.

I'm not sure if I will publish the first or second one,…


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Sight seeing

Since first entering into the world of zines, just a little while ago, every time I come here I end up reading. I read forum threads, follow links and read more and that stirs thoughts, lots and lots of thoughts. It's kind of like being a tourist in a city you've decited to visit and then just end up staying because the city is just so completely absorbing.

Tonight was no different. I was going through the different thread discussions and came across the one about old and new zine… Continue

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The bottom of the jar as art

I'm working on my second zine. I came up with a name for the issue, peculiar landscape and was initally going to do an exploration on altered views, but the more I think about it the more I'm thinking that what the zines I create should be about is art. It's the one thing that I understand in my bones.

I do alot of writing, but it's mostly observations that have nothing to do with what any one else says or thinks, or political views although I have been known to be extreemly vocal as to… Continue

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Zine number 2

So I'm off and running on zine number 2. This one is under the phaugey dox heading, but is called pecuiar landscape. I decited I wanted to do something that would mess with the idea of normal and perseption of what normal life looks and feels like.

So it's going to take a bit to finish.

My hope is that by the time it's done some of the other problems I've been looking at will be fixed.

New copier. printer, better camera, fixed car. Ok so the car might not be fixed by then but who… Continue

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I finished my first zine

Ok so I got over excited about the whole thing, and finished it in two days. I took pictures of the cover and some of the guts(inside of it) and am posting them in my pictures.

On to the second issue...should I pick a topic and beat it to death?

Added by Whitering on January 18, 2010 at 11:07am — 3 Comments

My creation has a name

After brainstorming and comming up with a list of names for my zine, I still didn't have one that I really liked. I decided to just start cutting letters out. I've got this stack of typerwriter key letters that I got a couple of years ago from one of the craft stores here in town.

They were ten cents a peice so I bought the whole stack.

Anyway, I'm cutting out letters while these different words are going through my head and it hit me, foggy docks, but since I really love these… Continue

Added by Whitering on January 17, 2010 at 8:08am — 2 Comments

Saturday morning

It's 8:38 a.m. I've been wandering around on this site. First day here. Into the world of learning I go, hi ho, hi ho, cookies and milk or maybe something else to chew on while I'm reading and thinking and thinking somemore.

I've been doing art for a long, long time now and writing for a long, long time and I've heard about zines for a few years and have tried to grab hold of what zines really are and so I'm here to learn and make my own. But I need a name that says it all, speaks to the… Continue

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