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Tom Hendricks's Blog – March 2012 Archive (6)

Musea Art Contest for this week

This word means a total work of art - an artwork that merges many types of art in to a total single work.


Gesamtkunstwerk . I had no correct answers. Seems your total answer was shy some part! I don’t dumb down, so please wise up!

Now on to a new Q.: Win a copy of my NEW cd CALLED ‘30′! – (first anti-band CD) or my NEWER cd CALLED ‘NEXT”(‘06) or my NEWEST cd CALLED ‘THIRDS” (May ‘07) or my MORE NEWEST cd Called “FOUR-TH” (‘08) or my MOST NEWEST cd CALLED ‘5-TH (Nov.'09) or…


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Poems written in March

Poems written in March 2012

Comments welcome.

[poem notes in brackets like this]


1 [Rainy day poem]


It's cloudy,

but the Moon

will return."

My hand

pulls the shades

and muffles

the rain.

2 [Idea from a Zen story]

the pail of water

held the…


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Myspace, what happened?

Readers,  what is your experience/history with Myspace?

Most of us agree that the consolidation of the arts into so few corporate hands (Big 6 - see below) is not good for the arts. When that hand full of conglomerates not only make and distribute the art; but, review the art they make too - that is too much. That's reason enough to do some trust busting. BUT

Most of us think , somewhere in the back of our minds, that these business leaders, though hard on quality art, are…


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Zinester's 6-TH CD now free online and stands up well to any other CD

Trumpets please ... Yes it's official the new CD, my 6th CD, titled '6-TH" is now out and left home for an online world tour.

Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar / 6-TH

Hear it here


OR directly


Read about each song here…


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Poem: Relaxed after Reading

Relaxed after reading

I closed my book.

My eyelids follow

and there appeared stairs.

I began to descend

step after step.

The light of my lantern

bounced off the quartz

embedded in the walls.

I blinked my eyes

and a draft of air,

a repeating echo,

swept me away...

across an ocean

and an ocean beyond

across outer space

across time itself ...

There appeared ahead

a high raised place.

I stood on a mountain…


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Musea Art Contest 3/6/12 - good luck

The answer to, and winner (if any) for, our last contest question of:

The 1966 sci-fi film, 'Fahrenheit 451", is all about the Firemen, who instead of stopping fires, seek out all books ( that author Bradbury thought burned at 451 degrees) and burn them to help control information. The art question is this, there are only 2 words printed in the film (that aren't on the covers of the books that are shown). What are they?


"The End" at the very end, adding a bit of hope to a…


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