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Some uncommonly kind people asked me to answer some questions about zines. My answers are below.

How did you first become aware of zines and how did you get involved with making/ distributing them?
I'm probably one of the last generation who still learnt about new bands through fanzines : when I was at school I picked up flyers at gigs and used to get cassettes & fanzines through the post: crusty folk/punk and shoegaze indie psychedelic stuff, along with underground comics,…

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I scanned a traveljournal, full of pictures & clippings.

It's from a trip to the Up Helly Aa celebration in Shetland, on the last Tuesday of January.

You can read it online here :…


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Final issue of 'Opinionated Geordie Monsters Review the Local Band Scene' coming up

Post at my usual blog:…


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Details for a zine of mine that made it into the British Library

  • Title: The secret anarchist history of Newcastle / by Mike Oldglen
  • Author:…

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Gig Zine

I found this text from my Gig Zine in an old email. It's still true :


I spent some time with an old friend recently. He runs a punk record

label and has been devoted to his music for as long as I've known him- jeez, 13 years. He's stayed the same in many ways. We talked about how people at 18 are really just how they're gonna be in the future.

There's no big personality shift after your teen years (excepting the



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Beacons Invite

Opportunity for a free festival pass + some expenses, to help do a fanzine workshop at Beacons Festival, 12-14 August near Skipton, Yorkshire.


Hi - I've just confirmed I'm doing a fanzine-making workshop over 2 days at this festival, and it's a pass for two people. Plus some money for food/travel (but don't get too excited about that - you'll still probably end up slightly out of pocket, or at best even).

I'm circulating it here as well as to my…


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A complete chronological list of all the zines & zine-like things i have made

January 2011

'Fellow Drawer' Invite to draw about the city with me, foldout minizine in envelope. Dozen copies so far.

December 2010

Wor History Calendar, A3, colour cover, inner pages printed with our own photocopier. 50 copies, all sold for £2. Cut n pasted from previous wor diaries.

November 2010

Gaelic Language Cut-ups. 7 copies, in…


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Opinionated Geordie Monsters: new quarterly fanzine for Newcastle upon Tyne

Opinionated Geordie Monsters Review the Local Band Scene



This fanzine is going to be a quarterly for Newcastle upon Tyne.

So far I have 4 pages submitted by other people (4 monsters, 4 reviews),

and lots by me. My hope is that, over the next year, this fanzine will

become a familiar and well-leafed feature of the local band scene, in… Continue

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My bits at DIY Aye 2010

So, 1st May, Star & Shadow Cinema in newcastle, one of the best

events I've ever been part of. Here's my personal commitments this year:

Free Zine for each participant

- my latest zine is given free to each person coming through the door (until they run out!)

10 - 11am 'DIY breakfast'

- bring your own breakfast! eat it! Or there's a shop round the corner,

or maybe you can… Continue

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Invitation to DIY Aye! in Newcastle upon Tyne on the 1st of May


was absolutely lovely last year, with loads of people getting crafty in

the star & shadow, making zines, constructing dildos, learning how

to do this & that & the other!

So some of us are going to put it on again in 2010, on Saturday the 1st May!

It will be donation-only, full of workshops & films & music &

doing it together according to the age old anarchist ethos of… Continue

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Lead-in to a planned christmas zine


November's threefold ceremonies of death have declared our ritual goodbyes to summer. Winter is arriving and soon it will be time to celebrate it. Town is getting busier at night - and bloody scary. Each small local gig feels snug and warm, a cave of drink and music in which, in little clusters of friendly strangers, we can shut out the cold black sky. Some of us will play guitar and share some songs. Others will drink, in honour of king winter.

On the no.12 bus, I see… Continue

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The Story Zine we made at the Star & Shadow cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, this October.

Story Zine & Hybrid Zine

Making the story zine was lovely. 8 people took part.

The ugliest breakfast in the world was made on my campstove. Phipps was looking after a friend's dog, which did a poo.

And inspired by some trashy hire-books from the Grainger Market we produced some rather racy page-long works.

Here's excerpts (we mostly chose to be 'anon' so I'll just number them).

See if you can work out which room each takes place in. The title of the zine… Continue

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Story Zine Making this weekend in Newcastle-upon-Tyne - all welcome!

Dear all,

One of the many low-key creative things that happen at the Star & Shadow cinema is taking place on Saturday, from 10.30am onwards for 2 hours or so. If you are free, please come and join in - all are welcome, it's free and there's no need to be an expert!

At 10.30 we will share a wee breakfast & coffee in the office (bring anything you want!), flick through some trashy paperbacks - a western, a crime thriller, a mills'n'boon lovestory etc.. - and decide… Continue

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