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February 2011 Blog Posts (57)

traditional letterpress-your nuts

alot of zinesters lately have been touting the awesomeness of the old fashioned letterpress lately.they have a few around people print handbills on for shows.ive seen them,and it really took me back.probably people seeking authentic type quality prints are drawn to these cheap,affordable machines.thats all well and good,but i think its essential that everybody knows to be really careful on those things.of course everyone is,so just disregard the rest of this page and have fun making… Continue

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DeMonic Töys blog


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Musea E-mail Club #522  NPR Music Conflict of Interest. Readers,  Here are two examples on my blog, of NPR conflict of interest. I have 57 of these screen grabs saved - each shows an artist featured …

Musea E-mail Club #522  NPR Music Conflict of Interest.

Readers,  Here are two examples on my blog, of NPR conflict of interest. I have 57 of these screen grabs saved - each shows an artist featured by NPR on the left, and a sponsored ad for the same artist on the right.
56th Example:  Gregg Allman
57th Example: Iron and Wine
See both at
Seems that when you pay…

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Crafts for a Cause!

To all grrrlVIRUS-infected artists, musicians, sculptors, photographers, zinesters, poets, painters and riot grrrl DIYers. This is a call to take part in the effort to raise awareness about the grrrlVIRUS movement, while raising funds for the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center.

Crafts for a Cause is a grrrlVIRUS summer yard sale which will sell your inspirational zines, rockin demotapes, mini vagina sculptures, revolutionary paintings, trendsetting clothes, patches, pins and any creative…


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i am working on 2 cd compilations.

one will be music  & the other one will be spoken word.if you are interested in submitting something for either or BOTH compilations please get in touch with me for more information!


everyone on the comp. gets a free…

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WMZ Art Contest 2/5/11

The answer to, and winner (if any) for, our last contest question of:

This modern classic novel, first published in 1988 has the world record for most translated book by a living author with 67 languages. It has sold 65 million copies in 150 countries. What's "novel" about it is the author's online selling strategy. He posts free copies of it. This seems to spur sales like crazy! Name the author and bestseller AND publishers take note!
"The Alchemist" by…

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Absent Eyes #1

Mine and your zine Absent Eyes will be about How-to advice for low budget DIY projects, found art and pictures/notes, random or strange stories, or anything that strikes you as really funny or odd!  I am taking submissions for the first issue at absenteyes@yahoo.com    [the zine size is half page 8.5/5.5]   P.S. let me know who or where I should give credit to when sending stories/pictures/music/info (if you created it, then you get the credit, I am just sharing!).  Thanks....xoxo   - Bender

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self censorship:a gosh darn son of a gun problem

one thing plagueing the zines you see these days is self censorship.censorship in general is really boring,and it makes life alot boring-er.but when it comes to something like zines,which,in all honesty,were not too incredibly exciting to begin with,it's pretty self defeating.zine expansion and production has expanded during the years,with some amazing writing and art spreading across the world,but its come at a price.nowadays you see alot of people just basically puffing up thier resume with a… Continue

Added by bobby madness on February 4, 2011 at 9:32pm — 2 Comments

Seeking Contributions to "Random Ambiance"

If anybody would like to contribute to my mini-zine Random Ambiance feel free to email you article or artwork to me at domidelight@gmail.com.



*If you could make it 1/8 of a page that would be wonderful, but if not and your article/artwork is really fantastic then i could probably find some compensation for the size.

*I will ALWAYS credit your submissions to you because it is your work not mine, i'm just…


Added by Dominique Ford on February 4, 2011 at 6:49pm — 2 Comments

the LOST TAPES - Happy Music , two versions

The LOST TAPES series. (Music from the 80's and 90's re-found.)

The Happy Flea  - two versions, one keyboard, one jazz combo.
Can music MAKE you happy, this is as close as I can come to composing music that's  so filled with joy. Sounds like a day off!  Let me know what you think!
The Happy Flea (keyboard version)
The Happy Flea Part…

Added by Tom Hendricks on February 4, 2011 at 11:34am — No Comments

Ordering my zines


Send a letter

to this address

If you are interested in

getting in touch with me on art projects

or any number of

writing projects


Zach Hamilton


|640 SE Stark Street

Portland, OR






For my latest work in…


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February Distro Update


Hair #2: the Friends & Family Issue (Zine) ($4)- letterpressed brilliance, interviews with stylists of the stars, parents, a dime-bag of human hair.…


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The second issue of Bridget Irish and Hannah Horovitz's "Hair" is here!

Hair is one of the most interesting zines around. Using only the subject of human hair as a premise, they create a wonderfully interesting and drop dead gorgeous zine. Then they only make a few and they sell out and become collector's items (at least that's my guess as to what they're doing). Last issued they peaked everyone's interest by interviewing Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill fame…


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Poems written late January 2011

Poems Written Late January 2011

Three young detectives
dedicated sleuths,
searching through the mansion
for telltale clues.
Searched the attic
up the rickety stairs.
Searched the 2nd floor
and every bedroom there.
Searched the ground floor
and the basement too.
Dank smells
but no clues.
Then floats a feather
as a…

Added by Tom Hendricks on February 1, 2011 at 9:05pm — No Comments

Title Goes Here: February 2011

Second issue of Title Goes Here.

February 2011

Two amazing drawings, two poems, and more scribbles.

This is a PDF file intended for downloading, printing, folding, reading, and sharing. Here is the link to download it: February 2011:PDF. After printing the file (borderless), click on this …


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Awkward Sex

Our zine is ready for you to read!!


Awkward Sex is a 26-page collection of essays and art by 20 women (queer and straight) from 6 countries around the world. We hope that, as you read, you feel like 20 of your friends are telling you their awkwardly intimate tales.

You can…


Added by Awkward Sex 'Zine on February 1, 2011 at 11:43am — 1 Comment

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