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January 2011 Blog Posts (64)

Life, Death, Love & All of the Above

I just printed my first zine in over 6 years last night. If any of you want to buy a copy, get in touch!

Life, Death, Love & All of the Above is my first zine in over 6 years. A year and a half in the making, I began writing a series of vignettes in the summer of 2009 as I was falling in love with my boyfriend. That winter he was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia and I kept on writing. The latter portion…

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i am moving to paris, france in 2 months and i want american zines to bring with me!!!

i will make copies and set up tables at shows and hand them out to the french collectives.

i will also be seeing amsterdam, belgium and italy and will be bringing the zines with me there.

email me if you want to donate and have you zine read by people across europe!


Added by jamievegan on January 11, 2011 at 1:36pm — 1 Comment

the problem with infozines (so it seems) and the diy dilemma

i've recently been picked up by the always fabulous, ms valerie park zine distro and will shortly be sending off 10 copies to bird in the hand distro, and a 8 copies to mimizine distro (all for trade, which i love!), so needless to say, i'm pleased with the response to my zine so far.

however, i've recently been informed by another distro that they will not be carrying my work because it is health related and gives health related information. i'm ok with this and i'm not complaining… Continue

Added by Anastasia Weedsmith on January 11, 2011 at 5:29am — 1 Comment

New Reviews

A few new reviews at sddzine.blogspot.com 


If you are interested in having your zine reviewed send it to:

Randy Spaghetti

POB 3331

Hayden, ID


Added by Randy Spaghetti on January 9, 2011 at 2:01pm — No Comments

A complete chronological list of all the zines & zine-like things i have made

January 2011

'Fellow Drawer' Invite to draw about the city with me, foldout minizine in envelope. Dozen copies so far.

December 2010

Wor History Calendar, A3, colour cover, inner pages printed with our own photocopier. 50 copies, all sold for £2. Cut n pasted from previous wor diaries.

November 2010

Gaelic Language Cut-ups. 7 copies, in…


Added by Michael Duckett on January 9, 2011 at 10:13am — 1 Comment

waiting is the hardest part....

so right now i'm waiting on a bunch of distros to get back to me regarding carrying my zine, and i'm waiting on a bunch of people, libraries and distros to email me back regarding trades, cataloging, and distribution.


i know that the mail can take a while, and then once they're finally recieved it takes a while for some people to get back to you cuz they have other stuff piling up around them and are a bit too busy right now to respond.

i'm not complaining. i get that…


Added by Anastasia Weedsmith on January 9, 2011 at 5:00am — 4 Comments

Insomnia zine + Controversy


This is a preview page from the NEW zine I am working on on the subject of Insomnia!! Fun times!

I figured Id do something a little less "riske" so that I could reach broader audiances. Iv been having a string of rejections and controversy of late which is really rather frustrating as an artist. Of course, iv been wanting to do an Insomnia piece for a…


Added by Grace on January 9, 2011 at 12:30am — 2 Comments

David McGhee Box Office Concert Photo (Musea E-mail Club #520)

Musea Readers,

December 28th of last year, photographer David McGhee came out to photograph me playing my, world's only,  Box Office Concerts  at the Inwood Theater.
I had admired David's photography through Facebook, and invited him to take photos. He took a LOT of digital shots from every angle. I have seen a few, and each one I like more than the last. The last one I've seen is this one.  I love it. See what you think.…

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Get Fit For The Pit #1 - Submission Call repost

Extending the deadline a bit....


All too often the punk scene seems to look down on athletics and sports of all kinds. I happen to regret a lot of my past shunning of sports and fitness for the sake of it not being “punk rock.” In 2009 i started running and fell in love with it. (After I quit what could have been a pretty good softball career at age 15 because I was too cool.) It still feels somewhat awkward to have one foot in the running community and the other in the punk…


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Updates to the Website

I've got some artwork up for sale and some new comics up.  Check em out! :)







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January's Distro Update!


2011 Eberhardt/Justseeds Organizer (Planner) ($6)-before even being here a month, this has become one of bestsellers.We've had to restock it three times! A beautiful limited-runalternative to Slingshots or Moleskins.

Agatha- Nothing is Static (7") ($6)-… Continue

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last chance to submit to Zine World #30

If you have content you want to appear in Zine World #30, don't wait any longer to send it in!

* FREE classified ads (up to 50 words) for any DIY project -- including zines, distros, calls for submissions, groups, penpals, websites, etc.

* CHEAP display ads. We're even willing to trade. Check out Advertise in Zine World for details.

* Resource listings, including: zine… Continue

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generous gestures - thanks again

ITS A BIT LATE, but a thousand thanks to all that posted your awesome creations to JUTLAND, the exhibtion was well recieved, and will feature again in the summer 2011 .Denmark is now covered in snow, and ice formations all over.…


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Poems Written in Late December 2010

Poems Written in late December 2010

[This is also notable for me for being my 7,700 poem ]
The flayed swaying rope
dangling from the tower
no longer tolls a bell.
Instead at night
there's a low low fluttering
from the wings of bats.
"The Glittering And Vast
Hall of Fate"
said the sign
on the shiny brass door.
I expected…

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Boycott Microcosm, Support Survivors

I have started a zine blog (http://sarahtearex.wordpress.com/) where I originally posted this but as a part of my protest, I wanted to spread the word to the We Make Zines community, so here it is...


In my last post I was excitedly nattering about all the zine happenings in my life. Among these was hearing from Microcosm that they wanted to distro a zine of mine. Somehow the background on the founder and collective member Joe…


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More Stickin' ... More Movin'

KFG!3B: Stick & Move Special - "Pinky

Stick & Move (Extra) Special

In the fall of 2007 when KFG!3 was released with both a regular cover and a special edition "sticker mash-up" cover,…

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The League of Evilness

In addition to my zine Triumph I'm wanting to put together a comic but I'm not too confident in doing so having not done one before. Having been inspired and encouraged by a couple of very creative artists last year, I'm going to set myself a challenge for 2011 and put together a comic about a group of evil do-gooders. The only trouble is though, like any New Year's resolutions they get harder to keep as the year progresses so I'm setting up a League of Evilness newsletter which I will…


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WMZ art quiz - test your art smarts and good luck - first of the year

The answer to, and winner (if any) for, our last contest question of:

This con man probably sold more NYC architecture THAT WAS PUBLIC PROPERTY than just about anyone. "Have I Got a Bridge for YOU! Clue: He died in Sing Sing Prison in 1936 where he was a favorite of the guards and other inmates for the stories he could tell. 
George Parker known for selling the Brooklyn Bridge hundreds of times between 1890 and 1928.
We had no winners, seems my…

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All I Want(ed) For Christmas


All I Want(ed) for Christmas

It had been some time, maybe a year or two, since I last looked at "The Secret Santa," an essay that I wrote in the fall of 2006. This week, just a few days before Christmas, I pulled it out and read it again.



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