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Sari of Hoax
  • Stewartsville, NJ
  • United States
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trades wanted!

the zines i do!

i am a 27 year old queer & non-binary trans person and i go by they/them/their pronouns. i am into trans feminism, harry potter nerdery, reading, pen pals, traveling, learning things, music, making awesome vegan food, and DIY. i have two main zine projects and a couple of one-shot zines.

- collaborative queer feminist zine with Rachel called hoax. and each issue has a different theme.

issue #6 is about feminisms & communication! essays include: the power & privileges of academic language; feminist reflection on self-care; comedy & comics as an exercise in visibility; re-thinking “righteous anger”; challenging the unspoken commandments of punk; empowerment through getting a tattoo; communicating anger in a subdued manner; feminism & disability on campus; white-washing and the trouble with “people of color” as an umbrella term; scholarly journals & achieving accessibility; the privilege of “progress”; trans* identity & expressing anger; exploring the waves of US feminism; blackness & perceived education; false exposure and “confessional” writing; communicating trans feminine experience; why the n-word is not for white people; recovering from intimate partner violence; rape denial & the cops; “ally” as a false identity; slutwalk & false individualism; handling suicidal thoughts; gay capitalism & the pink dollar market; conscientious language vs. political correctness; women & learned shyness; reframing anti-semitism; survivorship, zine-writing, and disabilities; and the women’s land army!  also includes original art/comics, prose, feminists we love, and vegan recipes! ½ size, 76 pages, b&w and super text heavy!

issue #7 is about feminisms & change! essays include: western feminism’s relationship with Islamic feminism and notions of “visibility”; the concept of a “real” name; zine-making as a feminist process; the importance of daily change for trans*/queer folks; a father’s death and recollections of childhood; creating “life lists” and engaging in active positivity; recovering from an eating disorder; how a haircut released personal baggage and changed social interactions; identities in zines; examining discussions of consent in workshop settings; the “love your body” concept and chronic illness; the Vagina Monologues and questioning the concept of “accessible” feminism; handling a daughter’s self-harming; an interview with fat-positive activists Tasha Fierce & Hanne Blank; white activism as a social performance; questioning sexuality as a young teen; dealing with the loss of a friend; how family history and sexual assault influenced one to stop drinking; pregnancy and parenting while genderqueer; fourth-wave feminism and the incorporation of trans women; the potential of poetry to induce personal change; exploring new models of accountability and forgiveness with an alcoholic friend; reflections from a former CNN journalist about why corporate journalism is not conducive to social change; never before printed interview with lawyer dean spade. also includes original art, feminists we love, vegan recipes, and current feminist heroes! ½ size, 72 pages, b&w and super text heavy!

issue #8 is about feminisms & mythologies! essays include: Trans* identity mirrored in the myth of the Minotaur and concepts of monstrosity; Mythmaking of gender and queerness in one’s personal relationships; The importance of active listening in community organizing; Consent, yoga, and authentic embodiment; Questioning the werewolf myth as it pertains to queer and female embodiments; Coping with the death of family members and living/being “alone”; The myth of Ed Gein and the transgender killer; A woman of color’s guide to white men; Trans women’s alienation within queer theory and means of articulating their own experiences; Being an archivist and the intricacies of creating history; Czech foundation myths and concepts of gender; Interview with a retired New Jersey Sexual Violent Predator Facility Administrator; Appalachian women’s narratives and experiences in activism opposing mountaintop removal; Exploring one’s abusive past through the story of Persephone; Connecting the myth of the Big Bad Wolf to abusive men in the author’s childhood life; Debunking myths surrounding being an out trans woman and EMT striving to build queer community; Queer cultural amnesia of the AIDS epidemic and a call to refocus queer activism; Investigating the differences between blood-related family and chosen queer family; Reflecting on Roland Barthe’s Mythologies and one’s personal quest as a feminist trans woman; Recovering from sexual assault and racism in heterosexual relationships via creating one’s own narratives, self-care tactics, and self-imposed celibacy; Invoking theoretical patricide by making deliberate changes to oneself to resist resembling an abusive father; How the blues gave women of color public space to express their histories of abuse and victimization. also includes poems, a feminist mythology comic, feminists we love, current feminist heroes, and vegan recipes! ½ size, black & white, 74 pages, text heavy!

issue #9 is about feminisms & vulnerabilities! essays include:How vulnerability can combat misogyny within trans communities; Vulnerabilities and doors as a queer mixed woman; Coping with internalized misogyny, consciously staying away from men, and familial dynamics; Nuances of high school experiences; Letting go of hurtful narratives while embracing heartache and the process of “breaking down”; Views on queer identity interrogation, performance, and transparency as a punk zinester; Vulnerabilities of mental health perspectives and lack of intersectionality; Witnessing misguided white manarchist resistance to police and reflections on vulnerability of communities of color; Multi-generational healing work and vulnerabilities as a male-socialized survivor; Questioning the responsibility of self-agency after “checking out” during sex; Asking for help as a necessary self-publishing task; Experiences of racism and sexism in a hospital setting and the legitimacy of describing one’s pain; Trans women and solitary confinement; Boundary setting in the contexts of capitalism, physical and mental illness, and life crises; Inpatient hospital stays and changes in labels of one’s mental illness(es); Loss of memory and personal history, critiquing queer/trans* growth narratives, and creating (non-)advice for non-normative teens and young adults; Vulnerability of discussing physical illness; Navigating queer attraction and desire with a history of violence; A feminist coming out monologue; Dealing with kink, trauma, and complexities of BDSM involvement; Interview Excerpt with Daniela Capistrano, Founder of the POC Zine Project; Examining the necessity of assertiveness for disabled women and asking for accommodations. also includes poems, feminists we love, current feminist heroes, and vegan recipes! ½ size, black & white, 80 pages, and very text heavy!

issue #10 is about feminisms & embodiments!

issue #11 is about feminisms & strategy and is accepting submissions until march 31st, 2015!

[hoaxzine@gmail.com or message me for more info!]

- perzine called you've got a friend in pennsylvania.

issue #6 includes my attempt to investigate the traces of anxiety, depression, suicide, and alcoholism in my family's history as well as my own difficulties with these issues. eight sections discuss: the secrecy surrounding my family’s history of suicides, a recent suicide in my family, my issues with anxiety and pushing emotions aside, my reoccuring suicidal thoughts and how my identities intersect with them, talking with a fellow queer/trans* friend struggling with suicide, assessing my tumultuous relationship with alcohol and deciding to become consciously sober, what i can do to manage and deal with things, and what i plan to do in the future. there is a trigger warning for the zine relating to depression, anxiety, suicide, self-harm, alcoholism, sexual assault, and abuse - please take care of yerself before you read this. it is intense. extremely text heavy, b&w, 1/4 size, 46 pages. february 2012. $3 US / $4 international (includes shipping), or trade!

issue #7 is about queerness, introversion, and friendship theory.

issue #8 is about memory loss, queer(y)ing growth, and teen advice.

issue #9 is all about reflections of being sober for 2 years, how to support your sober friends, and difficult realizations i had to make once i became sober. [February 2014]

issue #10 is about internalized homophobia, waiting for friendships to form, coping with abusive relationships, using men as “beards” and dating them to access social spaces and to survive in a heterosexist small-town environment, survivorship, and using anger as a means of self-sufficiency. [November 2014]


neither doll houses nor tree houses: on living outside of the gender binary

finished in under 24 hours for the chicago zine fest, this zine focuses on the ups and downs of finding myself outside of the gender binary and attempts to both de- and re-construct various questions about my own gender as well as gender in general. three separate sections discuss feeling pushed out of femininity, how masculinity is viewed as inherent and femininity is viewed as a fictitious performance, how striving for the “perfect balance” of two genders is not plausible nor an adequate solution, acceptance or tolerance (or neither) that i feel in specific spaces, how my radical friends misgender and disrespect me more often than my non-radical ones, the (non-) accessibility of queer jargon and language, how coming out has garnered me the most intense gender assumptions yet, dealing with friends who don’t “get it”, my desire to validate my own identity without stepping on the identity of others, and checking white privilege. march 2012. 32 pgs, ½ size, b&w. $2-3 or trade.

 thou shalt not talk about the white boys' club: challenging the unwritten rules of punk

Touted as being a home for society's rejects, outcasts, and 'alternative' political stances, punk unfortunately often ends up reinforcing oppressive mindsets and ideals by setting up numerous unwritten rules for dress, behavior, personal choices, identifications, and so much more. This zine aims to direct conscious attention to the nuances of being a marginalized person, namely a Gender and Sexuality Minority (GSM), in the punk community. Includes questions intended to incite dialogue among readers and their friends as well as a short list of recommended resources concerning marginalized experiences in punk. B&W, 34 pages, & text heavy. US$2.50

Sari of Hoax's Blog


Posted on September 27, 2013 at 7:44am 0 Comments

essays include:

- How vulnerability can combat misogyny within trans communities

- Vulnerabilities and doors as a queer mixed woman

- Coping with internalized misogyny, consciously staying away from men, and familial dynamics

- Nuances of high school…


Thou Shalt Not Talk About The White Boys’ Club: Challenging The Unwritten Rules of Punk

Posted on November 8, 2012 at 3:22pm 0 Comments

after over a year in the making, this zine is finally finished!

Thou Shalt Not Talk About The White Boys’ Club: Challenging The Unwritten Rules of Punk

Touted as being a home for society’s rejects, outcasts, and ‘alternative’ political stances, punk unfortunately often ends up reinforcing oppressive mindsets and ideals by setting up numerous…



Posted on June 12, 2012 at 2:16pm 0 Comments

due to recent relocations and upcoming life changes, we have decided to put out a call for submissions for the next issue of hoax although we are still in the process of printing and distributing #7. the topic of hoax #8 will be feminisms and MYTHOLOGIES. we are eager for feminists of all backgrounds & genders to submit!

potential ideas for material include, but are not limited to:

Language: storytelling and folklore…


you've got a friend in pennsylvania #4 is finished!

Posted on May 26, 2011 at 9:33pm 0 Comments

you’ve got a friend in pennsylvania #4 in finished! inspired by all of the hard work put into the latest issue of hoax as well as the fact that i graduated from college today (and don’t know when i could print zines next), i decided to overexert myself and put out a new issue of my perzine in under 2 days. its fairly short at 20 pages & 1/4 size, but is super text-heavy! #4 is about actively staying single while queer and some reflections on coming out as trans* (particularly in the zine community). $2 US // $3 international (includes shipping), or trade! please e-mail youvegotafriendinpa(at)gmail(dot)com or click here for more info!

you’ve got a friend in pennsylvania #4

new perzine finished in under 2 days. its fairly short at 20 pages & 1/4 size, but is super text-heavy! #4 is about actively staying single while queer and some reflections on coming out as trans* (particularly in the zine & feminist communities). $2 US // $3 international (includes shipping), or trade! please e-mail youvegotafriendinpa(at)gmail(dot)com or leave me a message/comment for more…


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At 4:53am on January 5, 2013, Lubomyr Tymkiv said…

We invite you to take part in the First International Exhibition "ZINESHOW" in Ukraine. Participation is free. Any technique. Any theme and format. No return. Deadline: 15/04/2013. Exhibition on the blog http://zineshow.blogspot.com All works will be exhibited also in the gallery "tymutopiyapres" http://tymutopiyapres.blogspot.com is not a commercial gallery. Welcomed but not "necessarily" summary of your zine or about you or your creative work (this is necessary for further elucidation of the project and possible documentation). Zines for the exhibition please send air mail: "Zineshow" A/C 9875, Sadivnycha 19/1, 79038, Lviv, Ukraine.

At 3:10pm on March 23, 2012, Dawn Wood said…

Yay! Let's trade then!! I have the latest issue that we released today actually! I can mail you one this weekend. I heard HOAX is pretty big, so I feel compelled to let you know this zine is only 20 pgs (A5 format). The next one will be bigger and we're trying to do them monthly. My email is feministzinester@gmail.com, let's swap info!

At 8:27pm on March 21, 2012, Simone Brulee said…

I'd totally love to trade zines, I'll be sure to tell you once I can get a new copy of my zine Sea Lions printed out.

At 4:56pm on February 21, 2012, Will said…

Hi Sari, I've always been a huge fan of Hoax in the hypothetical but I can't currently afford to trade abroad. I'll let you know if that changes any time soon.

At 3:25am on December 18, 2011, Carlos Palacios Hidalgo said…

i would love to trade all your zines for my stuff!!!!

At 9:44pm on November 14, 2011, Arsenic Alyss said…

I've become a fast fan (and a collector!) of Hoax because it's beyond awesome. Can't wait to read #6 <3

At 2:25pm on July 1, 2011, Mony Nunez said…

hell, i forgot we traded before, but that would be sweet.


At 11:50pm on June 13, 2011, Mony Nunez said…

yes i have, 3 perzines, "a guide to blissful solitude" er something like that, and a rant zine called "heads" fersure. my address info

Mony Nunez

2212 w. erie

chicago, IL 60612

At 11:34pm on June 12, 2011, Laura Lane said…

Hey- soooo I went to the scranton zine fest yesterday and it was great. I met some awesome people like Jess Meoni. We were talking a while and to be pen pals and somehooww we figured out we knew you in common! You two being real0life friends and I said to her I just was emailing you the other day to become pen pals. Small world huh?   :)

At 12:30pm on June 2, 2011, Mony Nunez said…

also hoax feminism and community sounds really interesting

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