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Madrea Marie
  • Female
  • Old Town, FL
  • United States
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Welcome, Madrea Marie!

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Gestalt and Pepper

Is the zine that I do now. Its a lil bit of everything, from letters to poems to artwork to stories. I have a few copies around of the first issue, if anyone's interested. I am slowly but surely working on issue #2. Submissions welcome!
I first started reading zines when I was about 13. My father would pass them along to me. They always made me want to make a zine of my own. Towards the end of my 14th year, I made my own zine, called The M&M. The first issue didn't have much substance, mostly just doodles and little bits about my friends or dreams. I ened up making 3 or 4 issues of M&M over the next year or so. By the last issue I was getting pretty good at it, had articles about things in my life and such, a few things by other people ( not many, since no one around where I live has ever heard of a zine unless it was by me). I ended up losing interest in M&M for some reason. A few times I would try to make another zine, but would get about halfway thru and get bored. When I was about 16 I made a zine soley of my artwork, called "Inside the Medulla". I had a piece or two by other people, but mostly it was just my art and drawings. It looked pretty cool. Then years later, after having my first son,when I was about 21 or 22, I did a zine called "Almost Normal". Mostly it was just stories, and I had a few contributers. I didn't want to focus directly at myself, although there were a few stories about my life, I wrote them from someone else's perspective. I had a few more failed attempts at making zines between "Almost Normal" and "Gestalt and Pepper" but usually, due to computer crashes, I would lose all my work. Now, although I do type and print stuff with my computer, the zine is mostly done by hand, cut and pasting the old way:)

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Posted on April 25, 2010 at 2:57pm 0 Comments

Ok so submissions closed for 1000th Monkey...this issue...can hold on to stuff for next though...
still thinking about my next zine...
Have like...2 pages done..
need to spend some time just typing stuff up...like train of thought...Thats the best stuff...but, eventually....one day! lol :) love live ATHF:)

1000th Monkey Submissions

Posted on April 21, 2010 at 7:50am 0 Comments

Submissions Window Closing! April 25!

As many of you out there know, Lynn and I are working on the zine at

Outsider Writer's Collective, www.outsiderwriters.org, called 1000th


We are about to close issue 4 subs to have it out in May, but we wanted

to send out a quick note to remind you to send your materials in case

you have not done so but want to.

We have some good material, enough poetry really, but… Continue

Delays in Zine Printing.

Posted on August 6, 2009 at 7:23am 2 Comments

Well yesterday I thought I was gonna be all hard core and go donate some plasma so I could get my second issue of Gestalt and Pepper printed up. The printers I go to charge a booklet fee to scan it all, so I went ahead and scanned all 36 images and put them on a jump drive to bring to them, and save myself the $20 for the booklet fee, figured I could make $25 selling plasma and get at least 10 copies printed. Well to start off, they still had tocharge me the booklet fee, they said because each… Continue

Zine Reviews

Posted on June 29, 2009 at 6:11am 4 Comments

Here are some zine reviews I plan to have in my next zine. I may still edit them or change them around a bit, and I still have more zines to review, so let me know what you think of these so far! Need more, less? do they make you want to order the zines, yes or no or what?

Fed Up Mag #11/Free

Alan Peruse



Another Fed up, whiny zine from the angry Irishman. Alan always says he is fed up, but he keeps on complaining.… Continue

New Shoes

Posted on June 22, 2009 at 2:18pm 2 Comments

The little girl had just been given a new pair of shoes. Her last pair she had outgrown with holes in the toes. Left alone with her new possession, she had to figure out how to get the plastic string connecting them OFF.

She searched around for something sharp, but those kind of things were kept well out of reach from the children. Unsupervised, she ran around the living quarters, looking for something, finally spotting it on a nearby end table. A shiny red lighter beside a pack of… Continue

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At 5:59am on August 4, 2013, fishspit said…

So, I went down to the hippy coffee shop tonight .  .  . this dude we call Elf had his babylonic computer thing with him.  I said, I want you all to check out this chicks wild art. Craig, Lilly, Aaron, Ky, and Kara were all in to it man.   They thought your art was really far out. Craig said, "How does some chick from Podunk Florida come up with this stuff?  I said, "Hell if I know!  It must be the manitees man . . . they must speak to her and shit."   They said, "Man Fishspit!  You take too much speed!" I said, "It's better than that goddamned devil weed!"  Ky said, "Man!  This chick smoked the weed! Check out how trippy this shit is."  I said, "Oh."  I"ll have to ask her.  They all smoke so much dope!  Do you?  But when it's all said and done, they dug on your art man.  Really!  They thought you were cool as hell. 

Well, I wanted you to know that your people (the hippies, wood carvers, beatniks and commune livers) up here think you are the shit.   I got jealous!  I said, "You pack of long hairs never compliment my wiseblood's like this!"  I put on my crucified Jesus act.  They just groaned.  Well girl . . . I guess you got fans in Washington. The pack of rat bastards.

I send my regards, Fishspit out.

At 8:44am on August 3, 2013, fishspit said…

Thanks!  I'm moving on to e-mail.  If you ever want to e-mail don't hesitate to drop me a line. My e-mail is fuzzybunnyflatbunny@gmail.com

And I say to you: Cool art! 

Fishspit out!

At 8:28am on August 3, 2013, fishspit said…

Yup sister . . . I'm an old timer.  Your art work makes me think of the 60's.  It's really groovy . . . . and I'm not saying that word to be silly.  I love the word "groovy."  I love hippies . . . I hang out in the coolest hippy coffee shop in the world!  It's in Redmond Washington.  It's all hippies and then me!  If any of the art you send me is psychedelic I will copy it (with your approval) and have them hang it up on the wall.  They dig that kind of thing.  They smoke dope and I take speed.  That's why I've been up all night and am on this damned computer at 7 a.m. Seattle time. 

Sending love to the manitees! 

Fishspit out.

At 12:53am on August 3, 2013, fishspit said…

p.s.  I am on old punk!!!   my first show was in Tulsa Oklahoma (!) in 1983!

the rock against Reagan tour with M.D.C., the Dicks, D.R.I, and the Crucifucks!

It changed my life!  woo hooo!   Smash it up!

At 12:50am on August 3, 2013, fishspit said…

Girl . . . you send me anything you want.  I'll hang it on my wall with pride.

Keep writing girl . . . it'll all come together.  It's hard, I know, because we live in a Babylon of a world that keeps us working so much we don't stop to smell the manitees.

thanks, Fishspit.

At 1:57pm on August 1, 2013, fishspit said…

It's on its way Madrea! 

By the way . . . your pictures are awesome!  You do some of what I think is psychedelia.  The cool thing is you often do it without colors . . . just black and white.

Is that a manitee! 

God bless all the manitees in the world and god bless you.

Fishspit out.

At 5:45am on January 5, 2013, Lubomyr Tymkiv said…

We invite you to take part in the First International Exhibition "ZINESHOW" in Ukraine. Participation is free. Any technique. Any theme and format. No return. Deadline: 15/04/2013. Exhibition on the blog http://zineshow.blogspot.com All works will be exhibited also in the gallery "tymutopiyapres" http://tymutopiyapres.blogspot.com is not a commercial gallery. Welcomed but not "necessarily" summary of your zine or about you or your creative work (this is necessary for further elucidation of the project and possible documentation). Zines for the exhibition please send air mail: "Zineshow" A/C 9875, Sadivnycha 19/1, 79038, Lviv, Ukraine.

At 7:40am on April 10, 2010, tim scannelltim scannell said…
doing pretty well, madrea...:)
have a little letter on its way to you:):)
computer on fritz...getting it fixed...and so using wife's old laptop...confusing...haha
new PET-scan...new cancer procedure coming up...the good fight continues:):)
hope all kiddies well.hubby and your dad and friends
blesings and safety timxxoo
At 7:25am on January 18, 2010, Whitering said…
Thank you for your comment on the requiem peice. I did it after I heard about the bees disapearing.
At 7:24am on December 3, 2009, tim scannelltim scannell said…
doin' all right madrea...heart doc says i am a-ok...
cancer pestiferous...but i will fight on...:):) ever a

lost 5 trees in pre-thanksgiving 80mph windstorm...so i
am slowly chainsawing them up for 2010 firewood...
there will easily be 5 cords!! maple cedar hemlock and
some alder

doing more mail-art than zinery...but happy w/ both

nice to hear of your school-work...happy days...and
your 'spaceman' will be impressed.. my 'mama's' being
in school...JUST LIKE ME!!! haha
hope rain finally over for you down there really got a
good dose...even here...we got 16" since halloween...
went from 11" to over 27"...but that is how our rainy
season starts...
will send an envelope to you...just to say...'hi'...and i
hope all of you and yours are OK...hale & hearty...and
hope the wee kiddies have NOT FOUND santa's hiding
places on closet top-shelves etcetera...haha
love tim port angeles...30 degrees this day...really
really heavy FROST...clear/cold skies...ocean is
COBALT BLUE...buuuuurrrrr!! :)


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