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I can honestly say I have no idea. I've only been here a few months, and as a first year, I'm stuck doing all these awful intro courses. That no one wants to be in. Especially in my English class, which is where I'd normally look. I assume once I get into my creative writing courses, I'll find zinsters there, but until then-- how on earth do I look? post creepy "Do YOU zine? email me!" notes in the bathroom? scream in the halls? I'd really like to find some allies, and there HAS to be some!

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there is a photo lab in the litterature & human studies campus where I am. they publish a zine called "le photocop". #3 is out. but we can't name two zines a scene right ?
lol. look into clubs/orgs. i found a few special interest groups in my university... but they have never heard of zines! wtf? lol. well if there isnt a zine scene, make one, right?
there's a bunch of clubs for specific faculties and what not, but the only non school related club is the lesbians of the university club. which, though it does relate to me, hasn't been active since 06, and is... not exactly zine related, haha.
i know, some universities/colleges suck as far as promoting extra-curricular orgs. i know i've been on the look out for any indy or art-related ACTIVE orgs in my shitty uni-slash-college since i got here 2 years ago... id say get to know people of similar interest... tell them about zines and see if theyd be interested...

i've just got one of my art major friends interested in zines and we might collaborate soon =)
the activist scene at my school produces a lot of zines, and i'm trying pretty hard to spread the gospel as a one-person mission for the Lord. And by "Lord" I mean "zine."
its not easy right? trying to get people into something they havent exactly heard of... but they probably have seen before.
idk... for me the toughest question will always be, "wtf are zines?" lol! I'd always try to explain it to them with great passion, only to end up frustrated with the puzzled looks on their faces. i wish there was an easier way to "spread the word"

sassyfrass circus said:
the activist scene at my school produces a lot of zines, and i'm trying pretty hard to spread the gospel as a one-person mission for the Lord. And by "Lord" I mean "zine."

we have a school magazine they wont let anyone hand out small zines since the journalism dep would think its unfair they have to sit through some grueling editing and zinesters edit themselves therefore gaining some of their freedom.....and since it's such a diverse school, the school is afraid someone might be offended by what someone else writes....what a surprise


I've tried starting something with classmates and they all coward, even when i said it would JUST be about film, they got scared or just were too unsure, i told them to use fake names and they thought that was "stupid cause then how do people that like it know it's you?" LOL

then when i wanted to do something on my own teachers said i had to run it through them first....sigh....

oh well good thing they think i gave up....ill just post my new one everywhere and if anyone is offended by my VERY may i say tame stories, there's an email they can write to :D

Looks like an outdated thread but we'll just add that there is most definitely not a single zine that we've come across anywhere on our campus (unless it's really, really underground).  We're trying to start it up but it's difficult, what with classes.  We end up doing most of our work in the summer. ...

I haven't found one in my community college yet but there are a lot of new groups and clubs forming. I may consider forming one. I was able to, however, convince my Diversity Committee to publish a zine on diversity :) It turned out super cool but I don't know if people actually picked them up (we gave them out since we have a small fund that covered the creation of them). 

I haven't heard of one at my college or in the area yet. I'm trying to set up a zine-making night with my school's Feminist Collective, though, so hopefully we'll get some started with people.



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