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How do you balance working on a zine and homework? Are a lot of zinesters taking art or writing classes?

Just working on meaningless homework and wishing I was working on my zine instead. Anyone else know the feeling?

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As a full time grad student with a part time job, I tend to only work on zines during breaks from school. If I come up with a good idea, I will often write it down somewhere and revisit the idea once I actually have a chance to devote a proper amount of time to it.

I also try to incorporate zines into work and school. I work in the YA department at a public library so I started collecting zines for the department, help teens make zines, and will be holding a zine making workshop in a couple of weeks. When it comes to school, I see open topic projects and other assignments as a chance to work on a zine project. For example, I am building a catalog of the YA zine collection at my library as part of a database project for Information Technologies. In the past, I have made zines as part of assignments, most recently a zine on the history of books for a course on the history of graphic design. Believe it or not, instructors, both graduate and undergraduate-level have been very receptive of zines. I think it breaks up the monotony of reading everyone else's research papers and it makes homework much more bearable.

Cool Brandy! It sounds like you've been able to get zines into many different aspects of your life. I want to hear more about this zine making workshop. Is it the first one you've taught? What are some of the basics you will go over? I have only just began to work on my first zine, but it was an idea in the making for years, so I am very excited about working on it when I get the chance. I am working full time and taking online classes full time, so it's tough to find little scraps of time to do the zine! But I have definitely managed to find them. I already have been scribbling down page ideas and started drawings. After this post I'll be working on comic style drawings for my very first issue. I too, try to find ideas for my zines everywhere including at work and even in my textbooks for school.

nice thread I’m curious to see w/ what the others will come up with;

If I work on my zine I must have at least 3 hours per sit and it hardly ever happens when I have class.
I have ideas for my zine throughout the day though and I keep about three spots where I list em so I don’t forgot (agenda,computer,notebook…based on where I am)…my current list is going on from over two month though and haven’t got the chance to start writing yet or collecting the material. Also sometimes I see my friends doodling in class and such and I always ask if I can have what they are making,for my zine,so I definitely keep and eye open throughout all day.
my degree program doesn’t involve any liberal arts or writing,though I think university facilities are an advantage (cheap photocopies,free staples etc)…library access with shelves for flyers etc where I can place my zine… the Art major student dumpster (<3 <3 <3) where I found my favorite (anonymous) artists…
So anyways the time for my zine is usually confined in the free weekend between two blocks…which crushes my heart but also I remember that I can’t do fu**ing everything at the same time—the important thing is keeping it constant/alive despite the time constraints.
From the art students dumpster I recover so many beautiful notebooks filled with art,collages from newspaper,magazines and all— reminds me that my work may be less frequent…but at least it doesn’t end up in a dumpster for god’s sake; I’m glad I’m still part of the zine community where individual ideas and creativeness are considered worth to be put out there as a priority

Awesome reply Francesca I totally admire your dedication especially to checking the art major student dumpster. You should try n post some of that stuff in here I'd love to see it :) I was an art student at a university in Hawaii and left all my art there and trashed it when I came back home. Mostly because my art teacher was all about destruction and creation. She said it wasn't all about "drawing pretty pictures or making it a hobby". She was strict, but had a lot of passion and I loved her and her classes! I took pictures of my art, so technically I still have copies that way.


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