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Hey All,
Out of the Zine Librarian (un)Conference was the idea to use WeMakeZInes as a place to introduce ourselves and put our bios. Alycia and I were charged with getting this rolling, and I though I'd better do it before I forget. SO, Welcome!

Please introduce yourselves and update your profiles, perhaps?

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i am founding librarian at the hamilton zine library (hamilton ontatio, canada)
we have only been around for about a year and a bit
we don't pay rent, we just have a few shelves at a local cafe
i am looking for new ways to engage the public and get more members involved
My name is Jerianne, and I
I finally figured out how to update my profile and move the text box to the top of the page, so please check it out.
My name is John, and I work at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia as a librarian in the Arts team. I started working at the state library straight out of uni back in 2007, and so I'm still finding my way in this field - presently studying to up my quals to Masters.

I also spend a portion of my time working with the intentional zine collection in the Rare Printed section. Said collection has been growing since 2000, with items being sourced from a couple of local independent literature outlets.

I've also been making zines on and off for a few years now, though only really building up momentum within the last year. My two ongoing projects are 'D90 - a mix-tape zine' (an irregularly released serial music-nerd perzine) and 'dilettantes & heartless manipulators' (a weekly A7 music-nerd perzine... notice a pattern?).

My forays into zinedom started back in 2003 when I began volunteering at the Sticky Institute, and have been slowly increasing ever since.
Hey! I'm a teen starting a zine library for my fellow teens. We live in a pretty stinkin' small community that had never heard of any independent publishing and before my co-zinester and I spearheaded creating a zine. So now I'm really interested in spreading the zine-love and getting a hold of every zine I can! :) An obsession-turned-collection!

The zine we make is called The INFINATE Zine, the website is http://www.ihearttheinfinatezine.webs.com/ This page will soon be connected with the zine library. (I'll make a spiffy lil' catalogue system...)

I'm pretty limited in what I can offer right now...but that will definitely improve with time. I really just want the people in my school and community to enjoy zines as much as I do!
hey everyone,

my name is amy and i recently joined the collective that runs the toronto zine library. unfortunately, no one from the TZL was able to make it to the unconference in seattle, but we are all pretty excited that it happened.

our library is currently housed in the 2nd floor rehearsal hall of the tranzac club, which is located in the annex neighbourhood of downtown toronto. the collective is a mix of zinesters, librarians, artists and activists. we're in the process of cataloguing our collection using wiki software. i dont know much about that, but maybe patrick will read this and chime in?!

we're currently in the midst of finishing up our 5th resource zine. in it, i want to start a few regular features: a listing of upcoming canadian zine events, a zine library update (a la 'scene reports' of old fanzines of yore) and a zine classifieds section -- where people can submit paper or digital flyers advertising their zine/distro/library/etc.

if any of you would be interested in doing a brief write up of what your library is up to (and/or submitting to the zine classifieds), get in touch!



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