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I am new here and I think it would be nice if the members of this group could write a bit about the events they´re organizing.

So I´ll start.

I live in Sao Paulo / Brazil and I run a diy "publishing house" called Ugra Press. Once a year we publish the Anuario de Fanzines, Zines e Publicacoes Alternativas (Fanzines, Zines and Alternative Publications´ Yearbook). First issue was released in february, and we organized a 2 day event called Ugra Zine Fest for it.

It was a great experience. First day took place at the now (sadly) defunct Espaco Improprio, which was a very cool diy place. We had 3 bands playing, the official Yearbook release and some other people selling / trading zines and records.

Second day was in Concreto, which is a gallery focused on urban arts. It was a very busy day! There was an exhibition with all the stuff we received for the Yearbook, a place for zinesters to sell and trade their stuff, 2 workshops (silk screen on paper + bookbinding), 3 lectures, 1 debate (the theme was "the future of the zines") and the first public exhibition from "Last Century´s Zinesters", the great documentary by Marcio Sno.

There could be a few more people, and also the trade and sell place for zinesters could be bigger, but the event was a success, in our opinion. It was also the first event of this kind in Sao Paulo after many years, so we hope that more people will be interested on it next time.

There´s an album with photos from the event on our page. Take a look!



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I love this space! Looks like it was a cool gig.

Hi.  I co-organize, with Margo Dabaie, the Pete's Mini Zine Fest.  It's the longest running zine fest in the NYC area.  Our 4th one is actually this Saturday.

We call it a mini zine fest because we have only enough space for 25 zinesters, about 18 tables.  I hosted the first one at this venue, Pete's Candy Store, because I love the space.  This venue is one of my favorite places in Brooklyn.  Everyone has come to like the intimate size in that it's not overwhelming.  People come to buy and socialize, but it is not over-crowded.  It retains the chill vibe.  Plus there is one room for indoor and one room for outdoor seating, giving choices to the zinester and shopper.  The folks at Pete's make us very welcome, and the zinesters and comic artists involved are always very appreciative of the low cost for a table ($10) and supportive of each other.

this year's awesome flyer is by Darryl Ayo, and this will be his 4th attendance at Pete's Mini Zine Fest.

I'm excited to have copies of my newest issue of We'll Never Have Paris for sale at PMZF.  Come if you are in the area.

wow this looks like it went amazing!! how did you promote your event?

this is my first event i am working on:

Hello! I'm currently organizing the Fargo-Moorhead (ND/MN USA) Zine Fest. This is the first year, but it will be an annual event.

Hey everyone. Jess here from Scranton, PA. We're in our 5th year of the Scranton Zine Fest. It's going to take place on Saturday, June 13, 2015. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1552203448381529/

My name is Christian. I am a zine nerd since the early 90s, (co-)published several zines since then (Flatline, Pandora, ZineZine) and ran a zine distro called "Flatline-Imperium" until 2005. I also work at the Archiv der Jugendkulturen (Archive of Youth Cultures) in Berlin for more than 15 years. I do some research on zine culture and I take care of the big zine collection at the Archive. I'm also organizing the following zine event in Berlin:

Zineklatsch - Gossip for and with Zinesters (english version)

„Zineklatsch“ is an open space for all zine friends in Berlin.

We invite all zine makers and zine lovers to a (vegan) coffee klatsch at the Archiv der Jugendkulturen e. V. (Archive of Youth Cultures) in Kreuzberg.

Since 1997 the Archive of Youth Cultures has been collecting more than 12.000 copies of different zines from around the world. It is one of Europe’s largest zine collections open to the public.

At Zineklatsch you can find out more about the collection and our work at the archive. You can also exchange experiences and information with other zinesters about stuff like copy scams, binding and layout techniques or zine distros. You can trade, sell or give away your zines. Or you can just have a good time with nice people gossiping about zines.

Zineklatsch is a quarterly event and will take place for the first time on 05/24/2016, 4-7 p.m. at the Archive of Youth Cultures.

Bring along your all-time-fave zines and introduce them to the others!

We will also like to show you our personal treasures of the archive’s zine collection.

We like to get to know you and love to chat with you about zines at our coffee klatsch!

See you at Zineklatsch!
Tuesday, 05/24/2016, 4-7 p.m.
Archiv der Jugendkulturen
Fidicinstr. 3 (Haus A)
10965 Berlin
U6-Station „Platz der Luftbrücke“

Mail: archiv@jugendkulturen.de
Phone: 0049-(0)30-6942934
Web: http://jugendkulturen.de


Zineklatsch - Gossip for and with Zinesters (deutsche Fassung)

„Zineklatsch“ ist ein offener Treffpunkt für alle Zine-Freund_innen in und um Berlin.

Wir laden alle Macher_innen und -Liebhaber_innen von Zines zum (veganen) Kaffeeklatsch in die Räumlichkeiten des Archivs der Jugendkulturen in Kreuzberg.

Seit 1997 sammelt das Archiv alle Arten von Zines und besitzt mit über 12.000 Heften eine der größten öffentlich zugänglichen Zine-Sammlungen in Europa.  

Beim Zineklatsch habt ihr die Gelegenheit, unsere Sammlung kennenzulernen und mehr über unsere Arbeit zu erfahren, und euch vor allem auch mit anderen Zine-Interessierten über praktische Dinge wie Copy Scams, Bindungstechniken, Vertriebsmöglichkeiten oder Layout-Tips zu unterhalten, eure Zines zu tauschen, zu verschenken und zu verkaufen oder einfach eine gute Zeit mit netten Leuten beim Kaffeeklatsch über Zines zu haben.

Zineklatsch findet zum ersten Mal am 24.05.2016 von 16-19 Uhr im Archiv der Jugendkulturen e. V. und zukünftig alle drei Monate statt.

Bringt zum 1. Zineklatsch gerne eure Lieblingszines mit und stellt sie den anderen vor!

Gerne zeigen wir euch auch unsere persönlichen Schätze aus der Sammlung des Archivs.

Wir freuen uns, mit euch bei Kaffee und Kuchen über Zines zu plaudern und euch kennenzulernen.

Wir sehen uns beim Zineklatsch!
24.05.2016, 16-19 Uhr
Archiv der Jugendkulturen e. V.
Fidicinstr. 3
Haus A
10965 Berlin
U6-Haltestelle „Platz der Luftbrücke“

Mail: archiv@jugendkulturen.de
Phone: 0049-(0)30-6942934
Web: http://jugendkulturen.de


I really dig the look and presentation of your event! It looks like it was a unique and intimate experience.

I'm planning a EUGENE ZINE FEST in Eugene OR, USA

and recently created a discussion. I'd appreciate your input if you had feedback to give. Thank you!





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