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I know there's already a group for pen pals but I thought, hey, why not ask around on the West Coast Only group?  I don't know about you but I'm always looking for new pen pals, because people are awesome, and I want to meet them.  So what'ya say?  Post a little bio about yourself and we'll see if we can't drum up a little bit of a community.  

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Well, I'm Heather, I'm from Washington State in the Olympia area, I'm eighteen years old but I have been a zinester since I was sixteen.  I'm a musician and I play a little bit of guitar, but I'm better at the bass, ukulele, and big band instruments like clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone (I haven't played that in years though!) and the Marimba which is pretty much my most favorite thing in the entire world.  

Everybody says this but music IS my life, I love it, I can't live without it, it's like oxygen.  My favorite music is folk punk but since that is so hard to find I sometimes settle with folk (mostly of the irish variety) and punk music, but I only listen to 70's era punk because it's so much better than anything that people call punk these days.  I don't know what else to say except that I'd love to write to all of you and that I'm much less awkward in my own handwriting.

Hi! I just wrote three stories for my zine about the three times i ran out of gas in 1986 on the 520 bridge!!! really. it was ugly! I also have stories of such things like being on p.c.p. and swimming in the water resoivoire that used to be off of broadway. I would not only like to trade zines but would also like to e-mail chat if anyone wants to.

My zine is called Wiseblood and it's been coming out since 1984.

to trade write me at Fishspit c/o 1304 175th PL NE, Bellevue, WA 98008.

to chat on e-mail go to fuzzybunnyflatbunny@gmail.com.


my dress name and pen name is Trinity ~ 13 years old now, got into making zines at 12, and discovered them at 10. From Sacrapmento, CA (I mean, Sacramento, CA). I'm a gothic lolita and I like metal and visual kei music, sparkly lipgloss, cemeteries, and street art (Banksy -uh so original of me I know but he's brilliant-, olive47, Wigglebear and Aura). I am homeschooled and attempting to teach myself Japanese. Of course I'd love to visit Japan but Germany and Iceland and Switzerland would be interesting too. I loath daisies and pastel goth, and admire Mana-sama, Kyo-san and Hizaki and Kaya. If I were to get a penpal ideally they would be under 24 (?) and female (for the sake that I'm a little kid and it's easier to explain than "oh I have a 20 yr old dude friend").

sparkles and ribbons and satan loves you,




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