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i have thought about this a lot when i write.
i do short fiction zines, not essay or informative zines.
so i try to throw in, as description, that my characters are vegan or eat at vegetarian restaurants.

do any of you write about being vegan, promote veganism, write your characters as vegan, etc.

as vegan zinesters, seems like most of us should.

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I write about beIng vegan and how it's hard to eat when out of home/in travel . I wrote receipes for food (the one I cook for show cattering which are vegan)
I write "non-fiction" zines. I do mention my veganism offhand now and then in them, but I don't really make a special effort to work it in. I'm very consciousness of sounding "preachy", which I don't like from other people, especially when I don't share or am skeptical of their ethics. I think the best way to promote veganism (or any "ism") is to let people know that's what you believe/practice and try to be a good person.

Eating vegan CHEAP, while traveling is a struggle. I just got back from about a 10-day trip where I was on the road a lot. I was tempted to cheat a few times (e.g. with dinner rolls without a complete ingredients listing that COULD have had eggs or dairy), but I managed to "stay pure". I found some Cliff & other vegan nutrition bars though & some spicy chips & fruit juice and did pretty well.

Yes, veganism is or should be part of a larger philosophy, but my "holism" is probably different from most vegans, who seem to generally have a left-perspective. I think it's good to explore and try to integrate of veganism with your larger philosophy, but I'm careful not to force one, or to come up with any easy answers.

I was a vegetarian and vegan off and on for years and years before I recently started being strict. For months or years I was an almost-vegan who drank that cheap casein-laced creamer in my coffee (before Silk came out). Even now I can't say I may not find myself in a situation that "challenges" the level of strictness I've practiced in the last 4 or 5 years. Also, I think where the line is or should be drawn between "strict enough" and "lapsed/mere vegetarian" is very problematical. Often very strict vegans seem to draw that line in their favor. I feel I'm a fellow traveller with anyone who's aware of animal suffering and oppression and TRYING to disinvolve themselves as much as they can. Everybody's at a different place, in different life situation, with different stresses and coping mechanisms. For many, it's COMFORT FOOD. So, I'm more concerned with sincerity and commitment to an ideal that strictness per se.
When I think about it, it seems weird--- I've been vegan for 18 years, doing my zine for 15 years, and I've never once mentioned veganism in my zine.

yes.  :).

but my main character is me 99.9% of the time, because my only ongoing project is my per-zine.


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