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having no money makes it hard to be choicy, any suggestions?

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If you have absolutely zero money (or just about), I wouldn't really blame you for not being vegan.  I imagine just being vegetarian would be hard enough.

Homeless veganism would seem to be a pretty esoteric subject, but maybe write a letter or e-mail to Maximum Rock N Roll. It seems like there'd be a good chance of some punks who are, were or tried to be homeless vegans  who could share some info with you.

I imagine Internet communication may be easier than through zines for a homeless person. Maybe an Internet forum would be a place to go.  Do you have a way of getting zines?

Never having been homeless I don't have much to offer.  But I hope somebody here will. 

Go early in the morning or when the grocery store closes. they usual get rid of lots of produce in the back.. and its still good.
thanks for your advice
I think the more suitable diet for the times in our lives in which we are not able to choose what we eat as we would please (like squatting, hitchhiking, or whatever without money) is close to a freegan vegetarianism. So our critical-practical attitude can be kept in order to get over most of the adversities we'll find, trying to continuing our alimentary struggle.

p.s: I'm sorry, I'm not being helpful regarding the fanzines matter

There might be a food not bombs in your area, and those folks can probably tell you about more vegan food options.  Also, theres always EBT!!!!

my personal zine talks about my life and i am vegan and also a homeless person and at times they intersect.  haha.  but i don't know about anything specifically about that.

i have been vegan and mostly homeless [or squatting or living in my van, always unemployed] for about six years.  i would recommend:

-crime [shoplifting, sneaking into hotels to eat fruit at their continental breakfasts]


-doing research studies or odd jobs you can find on craigslist.org for food money


-receiving state/federal aid [food stamps, SSI, disability]

-finding free meals like food not bombs.  a lot of krishna temples serve free vegetarian dinners, but ask them which dishes do not have ghee in them if you go.  in more "progressive" cities a lot of the bum meals have salads or vegan stuff.  in the bay area we are so so lucky.  we have hella FNBs, vegan curry day in SF...

-going to the food bank.  often not the best quality, but you can usually get bread and cans of beans and veggies and stuff like that, if not produce.

it has always really, really bothered me when people i've met who are homeless/travelers/gutterpunx/etc. have told me that they used to be vegan but it's just too impossible on the streets.  or when people tell me that about myself.  i have never really had this problem.

if worse comes to worst i can always find someone's half eaten french fries in the trash.

oh, also.. the first commenter asked if you have a way to receive zines.  just in case you don't know, you can receive mail  at any post office.  it just needs to be addressed like so:

[your real name that's on your ID]

general delivery

city, state, zip code

when someone tells you they've mailed you something, go to the post office a few days later, show them your ID and pick it up.

When I was homeless, I received EBT, it wasn't much but with what the state gave me it allowed me to stay on a minimal vegan diet of just fresh fruits and veggies.  You can also purchase seeds with EBT too, this was really great because it allowed me to start growing my own food.  I was lucky enough to find a community garden which was free to plant my seeds.  Hopes this helps.


Some community colleges have food programs for low-come or no income individuals who are at least enrolled in 12 units.  They get financial aid, bog waiver and EOPS to cover their books costs.  The food program is just an added bonus.


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