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howdy folks...

alas my work have now restricted the access of use to the photocopier - you need to use a password -grrrrr.
so, so, so... i'm seeking input from anyone who is in the know re cheapo photocopy shops. i'm based south london, so south or central would be fabulous. mind you if it was super cheap - ie, free - i would trip it. i've this thursday (5th feb) off, so would appreciate your comments:)



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ummmm theres a clearaprint in brixton which is good but ive got a feeling its even more than staples which is 5p (so like less for double pages) thats still 70p for a a5 28pp zine. i tend to send stuff to footprint really. i feel like ive seen some cheapish copy shops on a bus near elephant and castle.... generally best to avoid prontaprint etc as thats suuuuper expensive.
argh... i live right around the corner from that place, so i'll check out for next time;)
ended up going to (and i know this ain't south london) the photocopy shop at lse.
3p A4 copy / 6p A3. and it doesn't charge an additional cost when doing a double print!
and the guy who runs the place should have zine dedicated to him! he's awesome!!!

next question - i need a long armed stapler - or lend of - anyone got any tips/ideas/places i could approach?

i had to buy one the other day and it was super expensive so you can totally borrow it (i live in peckham) send me a message x
hey hey hey. thanks for the offer:) my work may have put a password on the photocopy, but it hasn't stemmed the charm i laid onto the folks in the mailroom. i have the use of, not only a long armed stapler but also a portable guillotine! score!

which i guess leads to this slight advertorial:
folks, i will be looking after my friends shop this weekend:

81 redchurch st. e27 dj


i invite you to drop on by... in addition to manning the forces, i'll be working on my zine
which means long arm stapler and guillotine thing at your disposal!


If you're still looking for somewhere in London the ULU (University of London) photocopiers are pretty good (it's on Malet Street, near Tottenham Court Road). 3p/ A4 side, 6p A3. It's all self-service so you can go in pretty much any time day or night (up to 11pm). It's open to everyone, not just students - it just happens to be in the same building). You can also put your own paper through the bypass tray. They're not bad photocopiers. Though, if you're doing a large run I agree that sending it to footprinters is a good idea!
hey hey thanks for the tip - i may check it out this week, as some content from the zine i'm currently working on got... well i don't think it was deliberately 'stolen' but went missing whilst i was looking after my friend's shop the weekend just gone. the culprit, bless her cotton socks, was a bit vague and i think picked it up by mistake - she had put her diary and stuff on top of it. regardless she'll no doubt be scratching her head wondering what its all about! he-he
Hey, this is an old thread I realise, but thought I'd mention CLP photocopiers (http://www.londonclp.co.uk), because I think they are far and away the cheapest if you are doing masses of photocopying, which I just had to do for the London Zine Symposium : 2.5p (+VAT) for the first 100 copies, and 1.5p (+VAT) for copies above 100.
For amounts less than 100, it's the same as other places, 5p a page, so yeah, then ULU is probably a better bet.
CLP is in Fulham & Holborn....
fantastic! ive just moved to london from australia and was mortify'd by the general price of photocopying over here, thank goodness i remembered i had joined wemakezines.
Glad I found this thread because I hadn't heard of Footprints before. I've emailed them for a quote or my other alternative is the students union up here (Sheffield).



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