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Title says it!!

I think there are a million ideas we could start on swapbot.

There's someone in the zinesters swapbot group interested in starting a collective swap-bot zine.

I was thinking it might be cool to have a themed zine challenge every 3 months or so.

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Yes, she's started a collective zine group over at swap-bot for anyone who might be interested in sending in a submission. I think it would be a fun idea. I participated in a few collective art zines over at Nervousness a few years ago and I still really enjoy how they turned out.
Doh! I'm in both your zine swaps, and one other as well. I hadn't been on swap-bot for ages and then I just thought I'd see if anyone was doing zines over there and I had just missed signing up for all sorts of fun sounding zine swaps, so I was glad when those three showed up.

I'm really hoping that they work out well because I haven't had the best trading experiences over there in the past.

kelley said:
that's me!! i actually created a group dedicated to the collective zine:


i have 2 zine swaps that i am hosting right now. well, i guess 1 since partners were just assigned on the other. i am hoping to do more zine swaps as time goes on! i feel like i always miss them.
I know. I lost most of my collection a few years ago to a not so great friend. "Just want to borrow them for inspiration." So I'm really stoked to see things come through, because one of the things that really helps me grow as a zinester is gathering the threads of drive others have to put out their own zines. Swapbot might eek out some bad zines, but you never know. You might get some good ones too. And I'd much rather trade for zines than pay for them... I hardly have money these days. Though I wish I could support us starving zinesters as much as we like.
I've only recently discovered swap-bot and signed up for EVERY zine based swap I could find on it! I think that's all i'll use the site for really as i've got to make sure I don't go overboard on signing myself up for swaps just for the sake of it. So far it's been really nice to start getting zines in the mail again, without having to shell out money for them...of course i've had to shell out money to make my zines, but that's ok because at least it means i'm making zines again, rather than just thinking about making them...

I have some ideas for zine swaps, but looking into the way swap-bot works i'm thinking maybe that it's a better idea to run them via here or my blog or something as i'd want to have more control over who gets paired up with each other etc etc.
I like the "themed zine challenge" idea...



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