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I thought I might be interested in making a zine about menstruation, with a preference for pornography, but basically accepting anything.
I've been researching online, there's a lot of really painful misogynistic sites out there, and some nerdy feminist ones.
Dunno, I feel a but put off. Not sure if the image I have in my head is actually realisable, or if im still shocked by the reality of certain imagery.

I've decided maybe to take some pics myself and work it out that way.

Can anyone recommend anything to me?
Would anyone be interested in getting invovled?
I want it to be international if it happens.

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I might be interested. Could you tell me a bit more about what your ideas are?
Well thats just it - I think I need to do some art/modelling/documentation of my own first before I know exactly what aesthetic I am into. Besides, the visual isn't always the most appropriate medium.

What exactly are you interested in here? Maybe you should just take some photos and see.

To be more explicit: in my head, I suppose when it comes to dudes, I imagined bloody fingers, hands, cocks, faces, arms, but then why not paint yurself entirely?
then again: the websites I saw made that stuff look like child's play. in that light, I guess what I really want is an aesthetic which is less intense and overboard, but has its own intensity due to having more substance. or a better, more emotive aesthetic.

but its an experiment so maybe just see what happens.

I'm definately doing some shots for my own current zine, so I can post them up to give some kind of idea.

here is the misogynistic site:

!! if it wasnt for my background in horrorcore, i wouldnt have the psychological tools to deal with this. amused disgust with a gutache is what overcame me.

and here's the nerdy feminist one:http://www.eroticred.com/samples.html

it could be funnier. its too cheesy and earnest perhaps. ?


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