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Any women out there who collect vinyl records or CD's and cassettes? I want to feature you on my zine!


I'm a vinyl record collector and as a feminist girl I've noticed the vinyl record collecting scene is very oriented towards men and most vinyl record collecting forums, message boards and the like are not very welcoming to women which I find quite frustrating. Therefore, I've decided to create a zine about female music collectors and women musicians.

So to any female musician and/or female music collectors who read this, wether you collect vinyl records, CD's, cassettes or all of the above, I want to interview you and feature you on my zine, so please drop me a line!

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I do! 

I have been collecting all of them since I was in high school. Please get in touch with me, too! :)

Here is my email: missy @missykulik.com

Thanks, Charlotte!

I collect vinyl records, and I agree, most people are all surprised that I do it but not at all surprised that my boyfriend does...so weird. 

yeah yeah yeah!

hi!  i am actually pretty new [within the past few years] to collecting but i have built up a pile of a few hundred awesome cassette tapes!  i am so into it, always looking for more.  i would love to be interviewed!!!

I collect cassettes! 

I collect records and have a modest cassette collection!  My partner does too (records, no cassettes), but although we've lived together for 10 years, I'm adamant about keeping my collection separate!  Partly because I do feel an obligation to buck the idea that the records are the guy's hobby!  I kept my record player and use it in my studio, even though he has a nicer one.  

One big difference between our lp collections is size - his is roughly twice the size of mine, I have about 250.  His 'collector' mindset drives him to own albums he thinks are important; and to have multiple copies of albums (shittier quality ones to play on his portable players that are hard on vinyl); and to own the entire discography of a favorite artist, even though those last few albums suck and he never listens to them.  Etc.  

Whereas I am always whittling mine down into a well-edited concentration of albums I love.  No Zeppelin, no Tiny Tim, no late Neil Young, no Captain Beefheart (sorry).

This sounds wicked!

Would love to participate!

Working musician+Record collector

Used to work at a record shop for three years back in high school and have been a working drummer/musician for the past 7 years. Would love to share my stories, plus may know other musicians or records collectors who may also be interested.

Drop me a line!

I drive a station wagon with a tape deck. I have mix tapes scattered all over the floor from when making them was the best part of my life. Also my aunt is the hippest lady ever and I have her collection of handwritten compilations: The Smiths, John Lennon, The Partridge Family, etc. etc. etc.

Hope to hear from you: lemonthrift@gmail.com


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