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Check out Subject Not Object, a collective group of non-normative creators. The work produced in this online publication is not defined by any specific categorization beyond "anti-normative". The first online exhibition has now gone live ~*~* 



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Could you explain 'anti-normativity' to me? What are you against exactly?

Sure thing. Anti-normativity is in opposition to heteronormativity, which is the concept that people can be defined by two distinct genders (male and female), rather than the more contemporary view of gender as a spectrum where one can shift between the two, or identify beyond simply male or female. Anti or non-normativity is a rejection of that belief and the way in which contemporary society has accepted heteronormativity as the norm.

So 'fuck gender boundaries' rather than 'fuck gender binaries?'

Fuck the binaries, the boundaries, all of it. Here's our curator's statement from our latest exhibit:

The collection of these works was made through the categorization of anti-normativity. The curators of this exhibit looked to gather a set of images and videos that skirt the traditional aesthetic values and expectations of popular art and culture. Through this selection process, the question of what is anti-normative began to speak louder and louder. We were forced to ask ourselves and each other over and over again, what does it mean to be separate, whether willingly or forcibly, from the established boundaries of normativity? 

We soon discovered it is not just one defining quality or identity or opinion that makes someone or something anti-normative, similar to the public’s strict definitions and expectations that exceedingly categorize people based on single definitions of themselves. We discovered that it was not up to us to determine who fits in these categories and who does not. 

The work presented here represents a multitude of disparate identities. The artists, doubly so. While we do not desire to be defined by single attributes, neither does the work that we make. From Georgia Gibson’s simultaneously delicate and jarring depictions of the stifling qualifications of select gender identities to Berivan Sayici’s commanding examinations of bodily desire and femininity, these artists represent no single category nor definition. They are on the edges of what is draconically considered acceptable and expected not because anyone placed them there, but because they themselves recognize and celebrate their unique individualities. 


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