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MAKING NEW MAPS is a compilation zine about (re)considering or stopping the current or future course of social and/or medical gender transition for any reason whatsoever. This zine is for binary & non-binary transgender & transsexual, and genderqueer, questioning, intersex, and other folks who are at any stage of social or medical gender transition.


Here are some ideas to get your thoughts flowing:

~ hierarchy of trans*ness: moving beyond the dominant narratives of trans male and trans female experiences; moving beyond the dominant narrative of genderqueer identity; emphasis on medically transitioning via hormones and/or surgery; transmisogyny in trans male / transmasculine and trans female / transfeminine spaces & communities; gender policing & gender essentialism in trans* spaces & communities; binary gender identities and expressions being seen as the defaults & as superior to non-binary identities & expressions

~ misogyny, transmisogyny, anti-femininity in trans male / trans masculine, trans female / trans feminine, and non-binary spaces & communities, and in cisgender gay/lesbian/queer spaces.

~ gender & body autonomy (or lackthereof) and intersex, trans*, and genderqueer people

~ language, pronouns

~ transitioning (socially and/or medically) and classism, ageism, racism, dis/ability, medical status, mental health status, etc.; pressure from trans* & cis people to transition; “passing”; black market hormones & surgery; herbal/holistic transitioning

~ socially transitioning but not medically; taking hormones without having surgery; having surgery without taking hormones; transitioning medically but not socially

~ gender policing / gender essentialism / gender stereotyping

~ non-binary gender identities, non-binary gender expressions & transition therapy; transitioning (medically and/or socially) as a non-binary-gendered persyn & being misgendered / mispronouned, alienated from binary trans & gay/lesbian communities and spaces;

~ moving beyond dominant images & narratives of “genderqueer”; the genderqueer community (is there one?)

~ socially and/or medically detransitioning (with or without retransitioning) voluntarily or involuntarily; lack of information about stopping medical transition; lack of support within trans* communities and spaces

~ shifting gender identity before, during or after medical transition

~ coming out vs not coming out

~ navigating gendered spaces (bathrooms, etc.) as a binary or non-binary trans*, intersex or genderqueer person


Essays, poems, rants, etc. all welcome but please no erotica/porn – I want this zine to be accessible to folks of all ages! (Also, absolutely no racist/xenophobic, ableist, classist, ageist, sexist or misogynistic or transmisogynistic, queer/homophobic, transphobic, cissexist, or otherwise bigoted crap!)

Maximum of 3 pages single-spaced per submission, please! Typed or handwritten are both fine.


Artwork (drawings, photos, collages, etc.) totally welcome & appreciated! 1-2 pages per submission!


DEADLINE: May 5th, 2012


Send submissions to Jordan at nervoushabitdistro(at)gmail(dot)com

P.O. Box 10752

Takoma Park, MD 20912

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