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I know there is a queer zinester group, but I think queer punk zines & queer punk zinsters need their own group

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call for submissions - hoax #9, feminisms and VULNERABILITIES

we are immensely excited to announce that the topic for hoax #9 will be feminisms and VULNERABILITIES, and we are eager for feminists of all backgrounds and genders to submit! potential ideas for…Continue

Tags: call, for, submissions, compilation, queer

Started by Sari of Hoax Mar 4, 2013.

Just a Bit Radical--call for submissions!

Call for Submissions — Just a Bit Radical Magazine:Are you a member of the punk, GLBTQ spectrum, or a straight ally? Are you tattooed, pierced, modded, or do you listen to your music too loud? Have…Continue

Tags: bit, a, just, radical, lesbian

Started by Kiran/Catherine Oliver Feb 21, 2012.

been doing queer punk zines for 20 years 1 Reply

Since I was 9 I loved punk, & when I was 15 I did my first punk mini-zine,Dizzy, not knowing what a zine was & it got rated " The worst zine ever" which I was proud of. The second zine I did…Continue

Started by nowhere 2 be found. Last reply by River Body Mar 22, 2011.

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Comment by Sari of Hoax on November 8, 2012 at 3:14pm

after over a year in the making, this zine is finally finished!

Thou Shalt Not Talk About The White Boys’ Club: Challenging The Unwritten Rules of Punk [click for excerpts]

Touted as being a home for society’s rejects, outcasts, and ‘alternative’ political stances, punk unfortunately often ends up reinforcing oppressive mindsets and ideals by setting up numerous unwritten rules for dress, behavior, personal choices, identifications, and so much more. This zine, written by sari of Hoax and You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania, aims to direct conscious attention to the nuances of being a marginalized person, namely a Gender and Sexuality Minority (GSM), in the punk community. Includes questions intended to incite dialogue among readers and their friends as well as a short list of recommended resources concerning marginalized experiences in punk. B&W, 34 pages, & text heavy. US$2.50. [etsy / well-hidden cash or trades

Comment by Kale on October 18, 2012 at 2:56pm

I just finished putting together a zine that was two years(!) in the making:

Nashville Transit is about riding public transit during the early months of my transition. I basically journal-ed my experiences with street harassment and then typed them out, with very little edits/commentary. I also talk about the importance of public space and who has power in public spaces. 1/2 size zine with cardstock cover, cut and paste style, mostly text. Please get at me if you'd like to trade or wholesale: nervous.nelly.records@gmail.com or http://nervousnelly.storenvy.com/products/638932-nashville-transit-...

Comment by Shannon on August 27, 2012 at 4:10pm

Hey everyone!

This is a call for submissions to the 3rd issue of Basements and Living Rooms: a zine about diy music and house shows.

The subtopic for this issue is feminist, queer, trans, and poc experiences in DIY and punk. examples that I think about...feeling marginalized or oppressed, lack of privilege, checking the privilege that you do have, standing up for yourself in the punk scene, not being (or being for that matter) a straight white cis male, consent, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc..
The subtopic is not mandatory, just an encouraged suggestion. You can submit anything on the topic of house shows or diy music.

Deadline: October 1st

The zine will be published in the fall and released on November 3rd 2012 at Milwaukee Zine Fest!

I'll put almost anything in the zine including stories, photographs, comics, artwork, essays, flyers, journal entries, poetry, etc.

You will receive a free copy of the zine. The covers for the first run will be hand printed (probably screenprinted).

Send things to :
2566 North Booth Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

more info here

Comment by Milo on July 11, 2012 at 4:41pm

Hey Queer Zinesters, Archivists, Librarians and Fans!  Are you going to be at the 2012 Portland Zine Symposium August 11 - 12?  QZAP's co-founder, Christopher Wilde, is moderating a panel discussion about queer zine history called Queer Zine History Show and Tell and would like to hear from folks interested in being on the panel.  For further details, e-mail him directly: chris AT qzap DOT org.  Thanks!

Comment by Rheuben Bundy on July 6, 2012 at 1:54pm

i am doing a small punk/hardcore fanzine called family business. it is a themed series, the first theme being politics: please send me any perspectives on how punk/hardcore  your political awareness. i will publish everything i get. and will give you my undying gratitude, as well as write review your zine in the issue... put "politics" in the subject so i know it isn't spam:


Comment by Sari of Hoax on June 6, 2012 at 1:58am

hoaxzine: [img = front cover of hoax #7 - feminisms & change] HOAX #7 - FEMINISMS & CHANGE IS NOW FINISHED! issues can be purchased here! essays include: western feminism’s relationship with Islamic feminism and notions of “visibility”; the concept of a “real” name; zine-making as a feminist process; the importance of daily change for trans*/queer folks; a father’s death and recollections of childhood; creating “life lists” and engaging in active positivity; recovering from an eating disorder; how a haircut released personal baggage and changed social interactions; identities in zines; examining discussions of consent in workshop settings; the “love your body” concept and chronic illness; the Vagina Monologues and questioning the concept of “accessible” feminism; handling a daughter’s self-harming; an interview with fat-positive activists Tasha Fierce & Hanne Blank; white activism as a social performance; questioning sexuality as a young teen; dealing with the loss of a friend; how family history and sexual assault influenced one to stop drinking; pregnancy and parenting while genderqueer; fourth-wave feminism and the incorporation of trans women; the potential of poetry to induce personal change; exploring new models of accountability and forgiveness with an alcoholic friend; reflections from a former CNN journalist about why corporate journalism is not conducive to social change; never before printed interview with lawyer dean spade. also includes original art, feminists we love, vegan recipes, and current feminist heroes! ½ size, 72 pages, B&W and super text heavy! you can purchase #7 through our etsy shop (for paypal payments, where you can also find back issues on health, hirstories, community & communication as well as some of our personal zines) or, if you prefer (well hidden) snail mail, you can e-mail us at hoaxzine(at)gmail(dot)com with your name & address. due to recent printing mishaps & the fact that we are currently living in different states, it might take us a bit longer to send out issues. we will be mailing out issues on a first come first serve basis after tuesday, june 12th. as always, feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions about the status of your order. happy reading, y’all! in solidary, rachel & sari been pullin my hair out over this issue for a while, so stoked to see it finished! also: DEAN SPADE IS IN THIS, Y’ALL


essays: western feminism’s relationship with Islamic feminism; the concept of a “real” name; zine-making as a feminist process; importance of daily change for trans*/queer folks; a father’s death & childhood memories; creating “life lists"; recovering from an eating disorder; how a haircut changed social interactions; identities in zines; discussions of consent in workshop settings; the “love your body” concept & chronic illness; the Vagina Monologues & questioning “accessible” feminism; handling a daughter’s self-harming; an interview with fat-positive activists Tasha Fierce & Hanne Blank; white activism as social performance; questioning sexuality as a teen; the loss of a friend; how family history & sexual assault influenced one to stop drinking; pregnancy & parenting while genderqueer; fourth-wave feminism & the incorporation of trans women; poetry's potential to induce personal change; exploring new models of accountability & forgiveness with an alcoholic friend; why corporate journalism is not conducive to social change; an interview with lawyer dean spade & more! ½ sz, 72 pgs, B&W & text heavy!

Comment by Paper Monster Press on April 19, 2012 at 2:24am



Asuang is an umbrella term for creatures that people our imagination. As blood suckers, they engender in us, a fear of the dark, of morbidity, of paleness, of incense. The fear that desires, the fear that suffocates, not just creatures but open spaces and high places. Fear of beings that when looked at mirrors or through other eyes, resemble perhaps, ourselves? Then here maybe, there be monsters?

Asuang then calls not just for darkness but for hallucinogen, psychedelia, kaleidoscopic narratives in whatever genre.

Specifically, we ask for:
1. 1-3 poems/ essays/ flash fiction (less than 500 words, English or Filipino)

2. 1-3 artworks in black/ white (in JPEG format)

3. 1-3 sound pieces in MP3 or Wav format

4. Critical essays about the small press/ underground publishing/ the culture of fanzines (also under 500 words)

5. Reviews of any issue of Paper Monster Press (and we’ve done 6 so far)
a. Pyrotechnic Poetry 1
b. Pyrotechnic Poetry 2
c. S/trip-hop
d. Dream(pop)
e. Queer Punk
f. SANDIGmaan

6. A theme for 1 print year
a. Issue 1: Atlantis (about forgetting/ resurfacing/ the abyss/ depths/ drowning/ swan diving)
b. Issue 2: Free Tibet (about culture clash/ Buddhism/ heights/ climbing/ pure dizziness of clouds)
c. Issue 3: Time-space Warp (about timezones/ cultural differences/ time and space/ reincarnation/ and the endless echoes we can never reach)
d. Issue 4: Labyrinths (canals/ road bridges/ the strange and devious routes we take to fantasy/ intoxication/ escape)

1. Send all submissions to papermonsterpress@yahoo.com with the heading: ATTN: ASUANG SUBMISSION
2. The deadline for submissions is on May 31, 2012.
3. Payment is one contributor copy and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from seeing your name in print. ;)

Comment by Carrie C. on March 25, 2012 at 12:18pm

Trans/Genderqueer Zine Project Call For Submissions

Topic: Essays, anecdotes, comix, collage, & poetry from trans and genderqueer folks telling stories of adolescence and puberty. Take that as broadly or narrowly as you'd like; literally how your body was changing and how your brain was dealing with it, or going to a dance and how that made you feel, to coming out to your family, friends, teachers & classmates.

Audience: 7-12th grade students. Specifics: The pieces should be free of cursing and super overt sexual content.

Why/Purpose: Puberty and adolescence are hard for everyone but it's extra alienating and difficult when you feel alone and or radically different from everyone else. I want this zine to be an offering to trans and gender queer kids who need to see themselves in print, to know that they are not alone. I want the stories to offer comfort and hope to some young people who may be struggling. I would like the zine to be a resource for trans and gender queer students and a way to open the eyes and hearts of cisgendered students, parents, and teachers.

Send submissions to Brilliantmistake01@gmail.com

Please send as a basic word document with "Zine Submission" in the subject line. Art submissions should be 300 dpi scans or for bitmap line art 600 or more. Send submissions by June 1, 2011.

Feel free to e-mail me at Brilliantmistake01@gmail.com with any questions. Thanks! Carrie

Comment by Texas GSA Network on March 17, 2012 at 3:44pm

TEXAS Queer YOuth zine!! submit your opinions, visions, narratives!! We seek all!!

Comment by Sari of Hoax on March 8, 2012 at 12:02am

neither doll houses nor tree houses: on living outside of the gender binary

finished in under 24 hours for the chicago zine fest, this zine focuses on the ups and downs of finding myself outside of the gender binary and attempts to both de- and re-construct various questions about my own gender as well as gender in general. three separate sections discuss feeling pushed out of femininity, how masculinity is viewed as inherent and femininity is viewed as a fictitious performance, how striving for the “perfect balance” of two genders is not plausible nor an adequate solution, acceptance or tolerance (or neither) that i feel in specific spaces, how my radical friends misgender and disrespect me more often than my non-radical ones, the (non-) accessibility of queer jargon and language, how coming out has garnered me the most intense gender assumptions yet, dealing with friends who don’t “get it”, my desire to validate my own identity without stepping on the identity of others, and checking white privilege. 32 pgs, ½ size, b&w. $2-3 or trade. message me or e-mail youvegotafriendinpa (at) gmail (dot) com for more info!


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