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Since I was 9 I loved punk, & when I was 15 I did my first punk mini-zine,Dizzy, not knowing what a zine was & it got rated " The worst zine ever" which I was proud of. The second zine I did was done in the same year & was a networking zine of all queer punk zines 'Until all are free resist. & created one of the first queer punk webzine in '92. I then became a gutterpunk/street punk & did the only queer gutterpunk a.k.a. gutterfag zine for 7 issues & had a show at a Different LIght Bookstore in San Fran. I have done many zines & web zines since. This summer I decided I missed doing paper zines.So I'm in the process of doing a new one which is a focus on all my interest & encompass all my interest & everything that is impartant to me now. It is becomming the first project where people are freely adding their own contribuations & I think it is going to be a kick ass zine. So whats everybody else's story on doing punk zines?

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I always loved punk music and stuff and have always been a punk, since I was a wee baby.  I started doing zines rather recently actually, I'm 17, and I just can't stop. I finally found something that I love, and that reflects me.  I write a zine about the underground punk scene in my home town called S town Underground, and I have a bimonthly zine called G String Tremolo that is a novel I wrote printed into minizine format and released one chapter at a time. It's about a young punk kid that lives on the streets and deals with emotions for his best friend who is a boy, and also dealing with having no family and being a teenager in general.   Both of these are in print still (G string Tremolo is 20 chapters long, I've only released 3 thus far).  I also write Smut for Keerah which is a smut zine (as the name suggests) with many punk references that mixes straight/bi/gay (and everything in between) smut.  It also transitions from boys telling the story to girls.  This one is put out when I feel like it.  And of course I write FSU which is a perzine about stuff me and my cousin feel/see/smell etc.  This one is not necessarily queer but I do talk gender a lot and talk about being confused all the time, plus you have that overtone of punk.  FSU is monthly (ish).


Basically this is what I do, oh, and I forgot to add, I slip into nadsat sometimes! hah


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