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Hey all poetry zine writers and readers!

I am curious about what poetry projects folks are working on these days?

I am writing poems for a theme booklet. I am going to call it Poems of the Year, and it will include one never before published poem for each month of the year. My goal is to have it ready by the first week in November and push it as a winter holiday/new year gift. I am almost done, but still need a poem for December and short poems for June and July (to go with short poems that I already have for those two months).

December is giving me problems. I don't really have strong feelings about that month (like I do for April and October), and I need to write the poem before I'm living the things about the month that might inspire me (like the ferocious wind did in May). I'm trying to think of Decembers past...I feel like December needs a really really strong poem, because that is the poem people will be left with after reading the whole booklet. The last line needs to be a real wower. Sigh!

I should start lining up poetry reading gigs for this new project now.

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Well the projects I'm working on are:

Poet's Espresso Dec '08-Jan '09 issue (mostly editing instead of my own content), guidelines on www.rainflowers.org .
Artifact Nov '08 issue (kinda same thing as P.E. only larger size and more coeditors).
The Zine Yet To Be Named for the swap next month in Gleaner Zine group on yahoo,
which I will be including a lot of color avatar-art that I did recently.
Moon Mist Valley, a paperback anthology I'm editing that I'm using lulu.com to publish, guidelines on website www.moonmistvalley.com .
An Unnamed Three-Poet Book that I'll be working with two friends and using lulu.com to publish.

For now all of them are kind of long term and not in progress yet.
I just moved from Pensacola to Naples, Fl and am beginning to work on my zine The Mundane Egg with my friend back in Pensacola. I have done poetry zines for years.

swap poetry zines
plus coupla my

snail to

tim scannell
port angeles, wa

i'm writing a small, rhyming poem every day of these christmas holidays. i started off with writing these little rhymes years ago when i first started writing poetry and maybe it would be really good to have them in a zine when i'm done. because i've only done poetry anthologies with lots of writers so far, it would be interesting (and a bit scary!) to do one with just my work in it. we'll see.
writing the poems is great though, and writing so much rhyme really makes you see what you can do with it.
p.s. anyone wants to trade with me (my first issue of WHIP) you are more than welcome.
I've just finished a collection I wrote in Barcelona, last Nov. 2007, from 17 days there with friends, recording a record. it was refreshing to get to Spain again. this is one of several collections I put together, I'm 37 and I cant stop writing and putting out zines...

poems and photographs
I'm workin on my fourth poetry zine....no title no theme just a collection of stuff i've been writing the last few years. It seems like every two years or so i put a new one out! no rush right? I think i'll be done with it not too long from now, i've had an onslaught of ideas for other writing projects.....just not much writing damnit! i'll figure it out:) keep it up out there in the middle of the country
I'm working on putting all my poetry into seperate 9(?) page zines. It's really complicated..
I make poetry zines that contain poetry, illustrations and art. A bit of the work is mine... mostly the artwork. I publish other peoples poems in zine format. Sometimes do a run of chapbooks for folks. Presently I am working on a series of 6 X 6 zines that are short poetry and quotes. They are funky little things. Each one is one of a kind.
Hey, my books take the form of Suessian narrative poems illustrated in black, white and one other colour. Book 1 was grey, book 2 was red, book 3 was orange, and book 4, 5 and 6 will be a three parter in green. My characters are all inspired by friends of mine at least those in the current 'Donkey's Tails' series anyway. I've got a few ideas for more child friendly books but nothing down just yet.

Would like to produce some sort of pamphlet in the future but for the moment Im keeping my stand alone poetry for the stage and the narrative stuff the the page.

i think each medium works best in those contexts.

I want to make another poetry zine and another haiku zine. I was thinking it would be fun to include some works from other writers and not all by me. I only have one person interested so far... If you may be interested, please send me a message!
I'm writing several 'word-weave' patterns based on Tatusnoko characters, a set of collage poems on the Seven Samurai (using seven books as the source!) and another set of seven 'impostor' collage-sonnets - that is, sonnets that have been collaged out of fake things. These are all for a book that's been commissioned by Salt Publishing. I'm also working on several computer game poems for an anthology of these that I'm bringing out myself.
sounds like a fun project (: i agree that the month of december should be a strong poem. i am working on a collection of poems , i am not sure if i want to include art or not yet. i usually end up including drawings or collage like art in most things i make - but i am trying to make a lot of text for this one. 'cheers



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