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Hi guys
I'm a studying photographer and for months now I've been gathering images in the plan to make my first ever zine, which will also be a photo zine. Being completely new to zines however..I don't really know much about production and such. I've got the images, I just don't know how to get them out there.

So I wanted to know, what software you guys use to put yours together and your printing methods? Do you do it all yourself on a home printer or do you pay someone else to do it for you? All responses would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hey! Welcome to photozines! 

I use InDesign to put my photozines together, but I know some of my other Photographer friends have used Photoshop in the past. What kind of software have you got already? 

In terms of production; I used my University printers whilst I was there, but I know that my local college has printers and photocopiers available to the public in their library. Maybe contact your local College or Uni to see if they'd let you use their stuff?

Would you be interested in a trade once it's finished?

Hey, thank you for your reply!
At the moment I just have PS CS5..I've used InDesign in the past but couldn't get the hang of it ;p Thanks I'll try to look into that. When you print yours do you print say 10 zines individually (if you were making 10) or do you print one and then copy off of that one?
In the hope that I do actually produce one..sure, I'd be up for a trade :)

Ummm it depends if it's cheaper to copy it then I'd print one and copy the rest obviously. Also if I wanted more of a lo fi look to it too it's better to copy it. But otherwise I would just print out however many I want. InDesign is brilliant, it's well  worth it to have a play around!

Okay, thanks so much :) I'll let you know how it goes :) 



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