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Can anyone with a digital camera or a £2 disposable claim to be a 'photographer'?

How is professionalism defined between a happy-holiday-snapper and the photography graduate?

Comments please.

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In my opinion I think it depends on the individual, I think it depends on the artists eyes and a degree in photography is just training and the tools that one uses only makes achieving the vision easier if you have the most expensive camera and photo shop and know how to use them you run in to much less problems when trying to capture a vision or moment. If you are a photographer with the minimal equipment and exsperiance but you have just as good as a creative eye as any of the other photographers I believe one can achieve the same outcomes but will run into complications like exsposhure of the photograph, sharpness and depth but if you have a knack for it you can overcome complications like that its just more work. If you have minimal resourses but are comfortable with your own setup then I beleive it Is possible to produce work that is  "professional" its just a matter of how you want to go about it if you want to sel your photographs you may need more resources like size and format to be able to publish them for a buyer because most do not except the regular jpg format and some do.I think its really more in depth then people relize. You could have a brilliant photographer but he only uses certain cameras that he is used to...old new equipment does not matter because there are all different types of photographers some just have the resources to achieve more of what they invisiona and some are simple.what matters is they successfully achieve their goal and are happy with the art they are producing even for a "happy holiday snapper" Ive been into photography since I was in 7th grade and started out with a point and shoot camera(digital) and the most minimal equipment but that was what drew me into photography was the creativeness behind the camera much well related to film. I remember exsploring new DIY ways to spread light and create the image i invisioned as apposed to having all the proper equipment at my figure tips. Eventually i moved up and went to college for photography and when i got to use all the fancy i was able to puh my creativeness further because i had that equipment for a moment. I did not have my own camera because the professional dslr cameras were to exspensive for me at the time so i had to rent the schools cameras and sometimes use my own point and shoot camera( a digital camera that was not a dslr) and was still able to keep up with my cassmates even though some of them had parents who were photographers, they were able to produce easyily professional photographs just as i was with my crap camera ahah. In that class there were all kinds of photographers each had there own way and style but each producing equally good photographs(most of the time). I met photographers with old cameras who took spectacular photographs and i met photographers with exseptional exuipment but not the most creative eye when it came to composition..So all in all it depends on the person is what im trying to say.


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