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I'm kind of new to the whole zine making thing. I've made two zines of different topics. The first one I made 40 copies of because it was shorter and wanted to give a lot away. The second zine I started I made 15 copies, but ended up having to make more because people wanted to trade/my friends wanted some etc.

So I guess I'm asking

How many copies of your zines do you make?
Do you ever recopy/reprint your zines?
Is there something about recopying/reprinting zines that destroys the originality of the first printing?

(sorry if someone's already discussed this, I couldn't find out if someone did)

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I'm new as well but I think 40-50 is a nice number to start off.

have many recopies have you made for your second zine?
I usually make about 50 for the first run, but I always recopy. I basically reprint until I'm no longer pleased with the zine.
i use my parents' photocopier when they are not looking, so that means i only make a half dozen or so copies at once, but with both issues of my zine, i have printed up more as i ran out and people asked for them. i feel like if i has plenty of cash, i would do it at the copy shop -- and then, ideally, i'd print ten or more. because collating and stapling is easier in bulk, not that collating 5 4-page zines is very hard though :)
yeah i'd say 30-50 copies is usually a substantial amount
My husband copies mine at work. He does around 25-30 copies and I've found that's enough.
I usually do copy runs of about 20 copies at a time, but I usually stop around 100 copies in total. I've got a bunch of different zines and I like my older ones to slowly go out of print as I'm making new ones. As well, usually by the time I've made a new copy, I'm kind of sick of the older copies, so I don't like to reprint them unless they were really popular or it's not a perzine or something.
I'm low on cash so I make it based on demand. I like to have at least five on hand. Clearly demand isn't very high :)



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