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I'm thinking of writing my first perzine. I was wondering anyone's thoughts on whether they prefer perzines to be neatly handwritten (maybe making it more personnel?) or typed...

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after ALL THAT i did my 1st issue ALL handwritten...cause it was fun...i thought it was gonna be a pain in the arsenal but no it was....almost....relaxing LOL :D LOVED IT!!


I'm able to avoid cross outs with wite-out and cutting and pasting new pieces of paper over the errors.

I always write it out first, and then copy it, but of course there's always odd muscle jerk, or the E that looks more like an O... so wite out and cutting and pasting!


I love typewritten zines, but not everyone has access to a typewriter. I also like handwritten zines, but I prefer if the handwritten portions are interspersed with typed text as it can become very taxing to read an entire handwritten zine. I am composed my zine as a mix of handwritten, typewriter, and word processor pieces.  

This is where I was able to get the correct typewriter ribbon from. I'm really pleased with the quality:


Lia through the looking-glass said:

I don't have access to a printer (except at my local library who charge ridiculous amounts for their print-outs), so all my first issue is going to be hand written/drawn, until june at least, when I plan on getting a printer with birthday funds.

I do love typewritten zines. Where does everyone get their type writer ribbons from? I can't seem to source them for love nor money right now.

i love handwritten!! but legibility is also important, so yes, if you can't be neat with your handwriting, just type it, haha (uvu)

As long as the type isn't too tiny or printed so lightly that it can't be read, and as long as the handwriting is legible, I'm fine with either one. I think a really nice handwritten zine is great but it's so much faster to do it on a computer/word processing app. Also, you can edit a typewritten/computer generated text but, once you've handwritten something, it's hard to change it.

Am I late to the party? Eh.

Chapbooks, help zines, perzines, and literary zines should be typed. This is because people will be too occupied with decoding the visual aspects of the words to contemplate their context. This isn't always the case of course, and these are only recommendations, but it's best if you want people to 'get' what you're saying.

Wow. OK talk about being late to the party. Never mind!

I think, handwritten, typed, or printed….even cut and paste…Be yourself, those are the best.


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