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Doesn't there seem to be far less zine diversity now than, say, 10 years ago? Back then, it seemed like zines dealth with a wide variety of subjects. But these days, it seems like most zines are either personal zines, music zines or punk zines. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just that some of us would like to see more than just those themes. I'm just say.

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I guess there is still diversity, but maybe everybody keeps talking about the same stuff. Or the other genres are now represented by only a bunch of zines. This said, even without thumbing through a zine review zine I could tell you there are zines about movies, politics (especially communism & anarchy), living abroad, comix (Yul, how could you forget comix!), mental health, poetry and literature in general, history, sex, occultism, religion, art (I know at least 30 mail art zines), conspiracy theory... even a couple of zines about sports. One genre that seems to have (almost) desappeared is travel.
It's all about where you look. Even in my own little collection, I"ve got perzines, music zines, zines about DIY ethics or how to stuff, comics, a zine about junk found in drawers, and plenty more. It's just a matter of looking around over time.

just compiled a zine in FEB2009...SIP/NIP...
which was a sample page from 16 zines
received thru the mail ...dec/jan...

ALL were different...photo...walking...
the bike...poems...collage...rant...

(happy to send...SIP/NIP...to anyone)!!!!

with over 1,000 zinesters...(i joined
when there were under 100)...i think the

key to VARIETY is to QUERY each zinster
of interest (personally) as they come into
WEMAKEZINE site...it is my method...

have not received a duplicate yet...honest injun...

tim scannell
port angeles, wa
well, the one thing I've never seen the like of again is a listing from Fact Sheet Five from well over a decade ago, a review of a zine called "We like Poo" that, according to the reviewer arrived smeared with something very fragrant in an alarming sort of way.
i see a lot of political organizing zines, DIY zines and cookbooks in my daily life.
I think there's still lots of zine diversity. Me, I make a zine about whales. A visit to a local bookstore that carries zines should cure you of what ails ya.

i disagree with the premise - there is a ton of diversity and new things happening all the time



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