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What do you all use to draw your comics? I use Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens, bold for outlines, medium for most line work, fine for detail. They are $2 each at Staples but well worth it. I have found Sharpies to bleed too much into the surrounding paper so they aren't good for anything but filling in large sections of black (though considering the expense of the artist pens, they work great for that! just don't get them too close to the lines themselves).

Recently I bought a pack of Pitt Artist Pens "Shades of Gray," and a whole new world has opened re: "color." They only come in bold, which is slightly unfortunate, and I haven't gotten a chance to see how well they photocopy. They scan well, though! There are also color P.A.P.s, which I have but haven't cracked, because black and white suits me the best.

I also have an Ames lettering guide since to be frank my lettering SUCKS, but it's more trouble than it's worth. I think when it comes time to write another comic others will read (not just my sketchbook comics), I am going to do the whole "make your handwriting into a font" thing and drag and drop the text into the comic. Which will make it a dreaded computer-rendered comic. Or I could just typewrite large blocks of text and leave the speech bubbles looking gnarly. Lettering is really the worst thing about comic-ing.

So yeah, give me your product reviews!


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I used to use tech pens and crow quill pens years ago but since have gone to microns. Ink is great and I can get different sizes. Since any comics I do, I do in my journal rather than Bristol, It is good to have a portable and (if you buy in bulk from dickblick.com) affordable pen. Now with the computer I can also use whatever I want and not worry about archival things. So I can use Markers, sharpies and other crappy things.
Nooooooo, no computer fonts! Sure, making a font out of your own handwriting is better than a premade font but it still (almost always) lends such an inorganic feel to the otherwise hand-drawn comics. It's just a pet peeve of mine...

I haven't drawn comics in a long time but I was always pretty low-tech. Those Microns are fun to draw with but I usually inked my comics with a plain ol' felt-tip pen. Not recommended, however, if you want the originals to last.

Oh, and if those Pitts don't photocopy well the good thing is you could always scan them, convert them to halftones (in Photoshop or something) and then print them out so any copier can handle them.



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