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Proto Murk by Zeke Clough

PROTO MURK by Zeke Clough

A remarkable collection of full page illustrations filled with detail and color by Zeke Clough. These images nearly defy description so be sure to click through the sample images. Incredible artwork from a UK-based artist using a variety of media.

More info and sample pages at the Poopsheet Shop.

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Cool artwork!
Yeah, I love Zeke's stuff. You can find lots more at his website too:


Love Song of Kermit the Frog

A heart-felt tribute to Jim Henson and his work by Ed Choy Moorman. Here's a review I posted back in April.

More info and sample pages at the Poopsheet Shop.
New Poopsheet Shop Distro Catalog available

Poopsheet Shop catalog cover

For those who don't know, Midnight Fiction's Richard Krauss has recently begun helping out behind the scenes at the Poopsheet Shop. Richard's been doing a great job adding the newest Comics Distro books to the Shop as well as promoting the new books around the interweb.

I'm pleased to announce that one of his latest contributions is the beautifully produced Poopsheet Shop catalog. This baby lists every Comics Distro item in the Shop with lots of cover scans and other details. The catalog is in PDF form (2.5 MB) and can be printed out in booklet form. Print, fold, read! Very handy for sharing with friends or leaving in public restrooms like Jack Chick tracts.

View or download the Catalog from this page.
CLAPTRAP #2 by Onsmith

Claptrap #2

Great collection of drawings, sketches, gag cartoons and more by Onsmith (plus a few collaborations with Paul Nudd). Signed and numbered.

More info and sample pages at the Poopsheet Shop.
Fine Tooth Comics and Stiff Whiff / Tranquil Time, both lovingly-produced split minis by John Hankiewicz and Onsmith.

More info and sample pages at the Poopsheet Shop.
Latest additions to the Poopsheet Shop:

THE RATNEST #1 - Beautiful and creepy comics by Patrick Keck (Bogwitch).

NOT MY SMALL DIARY #15 - Two-volume autobiographical comics anthology with work by Ayun Halliday, Mary Jessica Hammes, India “Inky” Kotis, MariNaomi, Aj Michel, Misun Oh, Joel Orff, Adam Pasion, Androo Robinson, Anne Thalheimer, Donna Barr, Box Brown, Max Clotfelter, Brad Foster, Roberta Gregory, Dave Kiersh, Lucy Knisley, Richard Krauss, Carrie McNinch, John Porcellino, Noah Van Sciver and many others.

PRIZE COMICS #2 - Lowbrow humor by Hawk Krall (Typhon).


More info and sample pages for all of these at the Poopsheet Shop. Thanks for looking!

Latest additions to the Poopsheet Shop:

COMICS YOUTH #1 edited by Blaise Larmee -- Discussions with Jason Overby (Abstract Comics, Jessica), Austin English (Christina and Charles, Windy Corner Magazine) and Jason T. Miles (Kramers Ergot, Dead Ringer).

SUGARCUBE and PIZZA WIZARD #1 by Sam Gaskin -- One's a coming-of-age story, the other's got a pizza wizard!

UTU, a story set 7000 years in the past by Malachi Ward.

THICK MUTT, PINES #1 & 2 and WET PAINT #1 by Jason T. Miles (Kramers Ergot, Abstract Comics)


More info and sample pages for all of these at the Poopsheet Shop. Thanks for looking!

Poopsheet Foundation: Mini-Comics Watering Hole


40% off nearly everything in the Shop!
(the only exception is Original Art)

How to Order:
1. Visit www.poopsheetshop.com.
2. E-mail a list of items you want to shop@poopsheetfoundation.com and I'll send a PayPal* invoice that reflects the 40% discount.  -- OR -- Add items to the cart, go through checkout but don't pay. I'll then send a PayPal* invoice that reflects the 40% discount.

Recent Distro additions: Jason T. Miles, Sam Gaskin, Blaise Larmee, Malachi Ward, Hawk Krall, Patrick Keck and others!
Recent Back Issue additions: Theo Ellsworth, JP Coovert, Liz Baillie, Corinne Mucha, Chris Cornwell, Joseph Lambert, Jon Chad and others! Plus tons of other stuff from the '70s to the present and much more to come!

Free shipping for any order over $100! And don't forget about gift certificates!

The Poopsheet Shop (established in 2004) specializes in new and back-issue mini-comics, art zines, fanzines, underground comix and other self-published curiosities from the '70s to the present.


* PayPal seems to be the most popular payment method but Google Checkout and USPS money orders are also accepted.

Call All My Dawgs #5 by Sam Gaskin

It's fun in the sun with this issue's "Island Adventure" by Sam Gaskin (Pizza Wizard, Sugarcube). Inspired by children's manga about a clam and an alligator.

More info and sample pages at the Poopsheet Shop.

Yoko Ono in My Favorite Beatle

Yoko Ono has spent the last 28 days in a residential treatment program for substance abuse. To occupy her time, Yoko has written, produced and performed a play about her spiritual malady. This comic is the definitive record of Yoko's spiritual awakening.

Written and drawn by Jason T. Miles (Thick Mutt, Kramers Ergot).

More information at the Poopsheet Shop.



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