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I noticed the topic of reviews come up a few times for zines but not much of a buzz about where to send minicomix for review purposes, so I thought I should raise the topic here. I have sent my comics for review to the typical big zine reviewers out there (like Maximum Rock n Roll, Razorcake, Zine World and Xerography Debt) but I never tried anybody who exclusively reviews minicomix. I took a quick peek around the internet and found that there are actually quite a few. I thought I would post this here as a resource for other cartoonists to get some exposure. I have never tried any of these personally, so I wonder if anybody has more insight about this. I nicked this list from The Comics Reporter (www.comicsreporter.com) which also does reviews of its own. Here is their list of minicomix review blogs and publications:
On-Line Review Site
Mail copy to Jez Higgins, 47 Sandford Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 9DX.

on The Comics Journal Web Site
Irregular On-Line Column
Mail copies to "Dogsbody," The Comics Journal, 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115.

"Minimalism" in The Comics Journal
Mostly Regular Column in Mostly Monthly Print Magazine
Mail two copies to "Minimalism," The Comics Journal, 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115.

Optical Sloth
Premier Mini-Comics Review Site with Extensive Archive
E-Mail copies to whitey@opticalsloth.com, or send physical copies to Kevin Bramer, 3847 Plane Tree Dr W, Columbus, OH 43228.

Poopsheet Reviews

Mini-Comics Friendly General Review Site
Mail copies to Rick Bradford, PO Box 2235, Fredericksburg, TX 78624.

Small Zone

On-Line Review Site
Mail copies to Smallzone, 10 Cleveland Ave, High Ercall, Telford, Shopshire, TF6 6AH, United Kingdom.

Zum Comics
On-Line Review Site
Send copis to Zum! HQ, 17 Lime St, Todmorden, Lancs, OL14, 5JN, United Kingdom.

I hope others can comment if they have any experience with these places. Also if there are any blogs or mags to add to this list that would be helpful too!

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Poopsheet (that's me) actually wasn't reviewing stuff for quite a while but have recently started back up. So please feel free to send review copies our way. Mini-comics and alternative comics only, though (sorry, non-comics zinesters).

However, the address up above is a few years old. The correct address is:

Rick Bradford
PO Box 343
Bedford, TX
76095-0343 USA

Also, I'm pretty sure the "Dogsbody" online column at The Comics Journal is dead and "Minimalism" may be also. I think it's been sporadic at best for a while now.

BugPowder (UK-only comics, I believe) is at www.bugpowder.com and Optical Sloth is at www.opticalsloth.com .

Not 100% sure what the status is of Small Zone or Zum as far as reviews go.

Shannon Smith reviews mini-comics at File Under Other: http://fileunderother.blogspot.com/

Richard Krauss posts one or two reviews per week at www.midnightfiction.com .

There are a few others but that may be it as far as publishing reviews on a regular basis.
Thanks for the updates Rick. I actually sort of wondered if any of the people in the list above were already on Wemakezines and lo and behold. . .The article I stole that from was not so new so I figured information and addresses may have changed as things always do. Do you think these review sites and mags are effective? I really wish there were more print mags with good circulation about minicomics. Maybe that means I have to start one huh? Although fat chance of people sending their zines all the way to Japan for a review!
Hey, Adam. Well, I think they're effective in terms of getting your project in front of people's eyes. I like a well-written review but for me it's really all about the spreading of information and websites & blogs are perfect for that. Plus, once the info is posted it sits there indefinitely. Search engines pick up the pages and then more people than the site's regular reviewers will stumble across them.

As far as mags, I'm with you -- I really wish there was a good one focused on mini-comics. In fact, I'd love to do one myself (that's how Poopsheet started 15 years ago) but that'll have to wait until I somehow become independently wealthy. Of course, there are plenty of arguments against doing print reviewzines these days (thanks to the internet) but I miss 'em.
Size Matters!
I don't know how widely it's read, but I like his review style. I'll be sending him my latest mini when I finish it (which does include starting it, unfortunately).

Also you can send me distro submissions and I'll try to respond with what I think even if I don't pick it up. And if I do, I'll write a review of it on the site! Black Light Diner


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