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I know a handful of us were talking about planning a zine fest last year but it never really got off the ground. I have a contact with a small venue in south west LA (called McWorld - http://5011.info/ ) where I think we could put something together. I'm looking to pull something together by June or July so ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if you can do any of the following:

donate time for planning
donate promotional materials
donate a website and/or website design
design a flyer/banner/etc
help coordinate tablers
help promote!

Also, if you're interested in tabling, you can let me know here or through my profile and I'll keep you posted on that as info becomes available.


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I would LOVE to help in any way!

I know people who work at Family, Keenan from Drippy Bone Books, Harsh from Sister (www.sister.la), Jonathan from Textfield, Margaret from Paper Pastries and Gab from Local 562 (an arts collective from Whittier). None of them specifically do zines (except for Keenan & Harsh), but some of these people might be interested. Plus my boyfriend is in a band and knows a ton of musicians if you're interested in maybe having a show as well (to promote or as part of the event). I'd also love to table.

I just started a crappy job at Starbucks (barf, I know), but hopefully I'm gonna cut back on hours so I'll have more free time to help. I'd love to help plan and I MIGHT be able to help design a website, but I won't know if I'll have time for that until the end of April.
We're in San Diego, but we would love to table if our schedule allows. The sooner we know the dates the better (I'll be heading to the East Coast in mid/late July). We can definitely help promote the event online.
Margarat - GZAGG
Hey! I met up with a few awesome LA based zine girls at the Portland Zine Symposium last weekend and we started talking about planning an LA zine fest. Let's do this!!! we're all really jazzed, and I had completely forgot about this ning and how thriving it is!


Hey guys,


So, I know the responses to this thread have been few and far between, but I am one of the girls Eryca ran into in Portland and I am still super stoked to try and bring a legit zine fest to the greater L.A. area.


I have been very proactive rallying together the three or four of us who actively zine in my home base of Long Beach and my good friend who owns our local indie book store is an old zinester who wants to host/promote/organize a zine fest of epic proportions.


Jen: I know McWorld has been having problems with the cops/city lately, so it might not be the best time to host something like this there. There are plenty of galleries that are owned by the city of Long Beach  that we can use or they often shut down 4th Street (where the bookstore is and other vintage/retro/coffee shops) for arts and cultural events.


The city is super supportive of events like this and I think if it's worth everyone's time to head a little south, L.A. can once again have a kick-ass zine fest!


I would really love to get something going for May or June of this year. Let me know what you think or shoot me an email if you're interested in helping organize!! Let's make it happen this year!!!




Cerebellum zine

Hey Sarah,


I'm absolutely interested. I start school again next month so I'm not sure how much time I'll have for planning but I'll definitely be able to help spread the word. Also a good friend of mine lives in LB so I'm down there fairly often and can make time for some planning meetings and what not. Let's see what we can get going. :)



I can help with designs for flyers. My experience lies more with making (ska/soul/etc.) band/dance night flyers for my brother throughout my life, but I'm fairly experienced with other modes of analog art... I think I could wing it! If you want a digital design for print or a hand printed flyer on recycled papers or a nifty combination, just let me know. I'm excited at the thought of an LA zine fest & happy to be of aid.

I'd love to get involved. I think the scene here definitely could use some consolidating...it would be nice to have a big meet-up sometime just to everyone can meet each other and such.


I know Keenan Keller of Drippy Bone Books is planning some kind of zine/small press event with Book Soup. He told me he'd email me once they get dates and such figured out.


I also have 3 awesome lady friends, one who is a fellow zinester, one who is an artist and the other a distro owner/musician, who are helping me plan zine workshops and zine events in LA. 


I JUST started working full-time at the Getty last week, so I'm kinda busy, but I live in Los Feliz and am relatively free on weekends and occasional Fridays to get together/get organizing!


Also, my friends and I will be hosting a zine workshop at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood on Feb 19!

hey, i'm a'misa chiu of Eyeball Burp (zine/blog).  i'd love to get involved to help promote, organize and table.  i just met Jesse La Tour of Hibbleton Gallery in Fullerton, and he just opened up his new zine/bookstore called Book Machine. Eyeball Burp is hosting a zine show called "ZINE FIEND" on May 6th, friday 7p if anyone wants to check it out, introduce yourselves, and meet Jesse.  He wants to do MORE ZINE shows in the future, with possibility of zine workshops.  




If you  need a venue, we could use my bike shop. In the evening. Interested? I'm in  the valley (which rules by the way).

Anyway, it'd be a free spot but we'd have to clear out bikes and junk to set up, we could also use the sidewalk and back parking lot etc. 






a'misa - that event sounds pretty cool. and so does Book Machine. do you know the address?

paul - that's an awesome offer. it would be great to plan a zine event in the evening. let's keep in touch.

I'll be glad to host but my dance card is full, so you'll have to do most of the organization on your own, I'd be glad to help where I can.

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to let you all know that LA Zine Fest 2012 planning is underway! We think it's super rad that people are planning events in Long Beach, Orange County and the Valley. LA Zine Fest will take place within Los Angeles. We're talking to UCLA right now to see if they can host the main event and then we're also planning tons of other events for the weekend throughout the city in Silverlake and Echo Park.


In June we're going to have an open meeting/meet n' greet fiesta in my backyard in Los Feliz for anyone who wants to learn more about the event and get involved in the planning! We're going to be throwing lots of shows, readings, art openings and workshops leading up to the zine fest too.


Feel free to email lazinefest AT gmail DOT com for more info!


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