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Why, indeed?  Blogs are the very antithesis of zines, and I've always pictured zines as a smack in the face to blogaholics.  So why do we have them on this site?  I've tried to "go with the flow" and leave a substantial amount of blog entries on my site, and only one got any responses.  What was that one entry about?  Blogs, and why no one reads them within this network.  I think we could save WMZ a lot of money by eliminating the concepts of blogs altogether and just having discussions and personal messages.  What do other people (especially literary-minded zinesters) think of this?


--Nick K.

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With the blogs on this site, I find that the majority of people tend to write about their zines, zine fairs or zine related things - which I like, the more zine-related stuff I can read, the better. It seems that most people here DO save most of what they have to say for their zines, sometimes there's just overflow (or announcements to be made). And admin seems to not want certain things written in the forums, I've noticed people have been directed to write these things in their blogs instead.

I do find that I don't like blogs in general (elsewhere) because I always feel like I'd prefer it if their content was in zine form :D But yeah, on here - I find that most of the blogs aren't used in a general blog-fashion.
I can see your point but aren't you assuming that all Zines have the same content as blogs? Zines can be artwork in themselves and have little connection with blogs. I love zines as objects as well as their content.
I usually use blogs to promote zine/other projects happening or updates not the zine's contents



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