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What literary zine do you write? (or name your favourite ones)

It seems this place has kinda become like an announcement page for 'Story to...' Are there any other literary zinesters out there who are active on this group? What zine do you write (past or present), which ones have you enjoyed reading (past or present)???

My favourite literary zines have been partially personal zines as well. I have loved the (now defunct) 'Hope' zine, 'Everything You've Heard is True' by Jolie, and all of Heatherlynn's zines, like 'Being Red' and "Verbosa' - all of these were US zines. I do admit they are more than a few years old. I miss them.

I used to write a literary zine called 'giantess', for a number of years, but have since killed it. I've done a couple of others here and there.

So...is this place dead or just experiencing a lull?

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I guess it's dead then.
Maybe my zine could be a literary zine? I kinda like to have lots of stuff in it, keep it open for content. But I have stories, and letters, and much more. The issue I'm working on will have more stories of crazy things that have happened in my life.

Every place experiences lulls...but its better to have lulz...it just takes people being active, you get in what you put out, usually.
Oh, I loved Giantess! :) I just found this "we make zines" website today, I'm excited about it.

I make a litzine called 398. It's mostly stories that have a fairy tale feel.
Hi Elizabeth! I remember really liking 398! I'm glad you're still making it.
Hi guys! Right now I'm writing a fantasy zine that will be a serial. I'm really excited about it! But I've been looking around at zines and I haven't really found very many purely fiction ones. Do they exist? lol
I'm publishing a fiction/poetry zine with art. Last issue I even had someone do a pretty funny comic. I don't write it all myself, I accept submissions from others and am very slow at going through the slush pile. So, I've only had two issues in 3 years. Issue 2 just coming out now.
Dunno, just got here. I write the Tight Pantsy Drew Mysteries, a serialized "cozy" mystery fiction zine series (phew, mouthful!) set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, NY, that include both pictures and plot. Only 3 so far, but more in the works. The mystery is far from solved!

Cats love 'em!

Here's a synopsis for each:

#1. L Hath No Fury!

Or...THE CASE OF THE LEGIT BIG COAT! Drew Hardy--art student, party girl, co-owner of the up-and-coming gallery The Buttered Ram--wakes up one morning to find that shit is for seerz not LOL on the L train! Can she battle her hangover and figure out WTF is up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn...or will she end up totes SOL?!!!

#2. DIY or DIE

The plot thickens! Drew Hardy and pal Shaggy Watson find out OMG! Dead guy Ghetto Futurist is totes tied up in their world of sparrow street performance and all-out total bloody freegan yarnage!

#3. Flickrd Out!

Tight-pants wearing, loft-living Drew Hardy is fed the eff up with all the squid art lately, and WTF is up with Shaggy's text: "All that flick'rs isn't gold?" Will she crack(in) the case of the dead robot graffiti artist in #3??? Or will you have to wait until #4...or #5...or even #6? Either way, tons of fun and some contributions by a couple of great artist friends (I got tired of doing it all!)
I wrote Deseur and Leningrad when I was in high school. You can still get Leningrad through my distro (I'm not embarrassed of it yet!).

I am currently working on another collection of vignettes tentatively titled Dog Days. I don't think I'll ever make it into a zine though. But you never know. I'm just happy to be writing again.
I edit/own Shoots and Vines. I write:

Love Manifesto (a mix of thoughts, prose, flash)
I Heart Mike Ness (flash, DIY culture in southern Indiana and original bands)
Hello everybody. I write and draw a zine called Potential Mode, which just has one issue so far but I'm nearly done with the second. It's fiction, comics, and random sketches and doodles. Some of it is self-contained, some is serialized. Some serious, some ridiculous. Totally up for trades for any other zines, but particularly interested in fiction or comic zines.
"Iconoclast" is a REALLY GOOD literary/poetry zine of top-notch quality. Contact Phil Wagner; 1675 Amazon Road; Mohegan Lake NY 10547-1804. $20 for 8 issues (they're big).

hey. i do a zine called wet horse. its my writing - like poems, short stories etc. with artwork from the musician dem hunger.

we did issue 2 and it went well, now were working on issue 2.


check out my website for more info: http://www.josephhayes.co.uk


issue 1 sold out but theres examples of my work up there.

im also working on a one off zine along the same sort of lines but with another artist.


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