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okay, i know the question sounds offensive or just downright dumb...but here is where i am coming from...

i was reading this book on women studies at the university last week and it's about feminism (I think it was Jane sexes it up, or female chauvinistic pigs or something--i was reading 3 feminism books and i can't remember which one it was from). So anyways, I have read arguments about anti-penetration or anti-penis feminists who says that submitting into penetration is like letting a man own you. Letting a man occupy your space and submitting to his phallic power. There was also a lot of arguments about anti-dildo, as it represents the penis -- [although personally, i think dildos are a good symbol of power because it shows that if all men have that we don't is a penis, well then we have dildos to make up for that, ergo they're not really any good for us anymroe...]

but yeah, so if some feminist groups are againsts penetration, penis, dildos, or anything that represents the male sex organ, then does that mean you have to be a lesbian who never uses or thinks about a penis or anything of the same shape ans purpose to be a "real feminist"?

any thoughts on this one?

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key word being some feminists. there are SOME feminists that believe that and then there are radical feminists that believe women should form their own society without men. these are SOME schools of thoughts and small sections of feminist thought. the majority of feminists do not believe or think this and the majority of feminists have NO problem with penetration, penises dildos or anything that represents the male sex organ...many feminists are in heterosexual relationships. i am one of these feminists.

personally, being a feminist, i have no problem with any kind of sexual act as long as it's consensual... to me feminism is about CHOICE. if a woman chooses to engage in a certain sexual act or act a certain way i am fine with it as long as it's her choice...
it's funny because at barnes and noble there was a section called "women's issues" with books about feminism, choice and such. now there is no "women's issues" section and all these books are under the "gay and lesbian" section. to me this again perpetuates the myth that all feminists are lesbians. while i have absolutely no problem with anyone being gay or lesbian i feel it is unfair to lump feminist books in with the gay and lesbian category. we should have our own section. we deserve that. so many people still have the misconception that feminists are man-hating, lesbians who want to run the rule. putting feminist books in this section just serves to perpetuate these negative stereotypes.



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