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There are not many out there, so I'd love to hear of I I might not already know.

my favourite right now is Fashion Projects (http://www.fashionprojects.org/)

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Hi- I don't know anyone who makes strictly fashion zines in Australia. Flaps has made one zine (7 years ago) about the return of eighties fashion- Fluro Flaps; but we generally include fashion when we are observing a location or other scene- like the fashions at the Australasian UFO conference. My avatar is of that issues' center spread- chopped up run way fashion models that look like aliens.
this is the Australian recycled fashion project i am following:
Artist Jane Polkinghorn is wearing denim (3 items a day) for a year.
Speaking of denim, I've just finished reading a couple of old issues of Thrift Score devoted to jeans. I know that everybody knows TS, but I think it's still the best "fashion zine" ever. Reading how Al Hoff trashes all the stupid trends, the silliness, and the ultimate greedness of most apparel companies is a real pleasure. In just a couple of pages she manages to piss off all the major jeans makers. That's zine-making at its best.
I think TS is not only my favourite fashion zine, but my favourite zine ever, of any genre. GREAT stuff.
I found tow more publications recently, that sort of fall in between the catagory of zine and magazine. I figurethey count becasue there are so few indie fashion voices out there, and they are all made at home... PRIM made in NYC by a 14 year old girl. Maybe a bit mainstream for my liking, but she is exploring small, independent designers more. Also, the is the CUT out of Berlin. It's written in german, but the pics are awesome and lots of how too, including a pattern you can remove and use!
I just stumbled onto Cheap Zines, I'm going to dig more but so far I think their design is awesome and they have a call out for work that is influenced by Art Noveau.

Also, Fashion Projects just put out their third issue. I just got it and it looks pretty great.

I'm still on the lookout for more photocopy-style fashion zines. I'd love to review them, please feel free to send me info: serahmarie @ wornjournal.com

this thread is rather old, but, i do a diy fashion-based zine called chintz... working on the 4th issue right now.

actually, even though i wish it was about fashion, my friends are my contributors and most of them give me random ass shit. so only about half of the content (or less!) is clothes or makeup related. all of that is how-to stuff. we don't write about fashion shows, designers, etc. and we don't have photo shoots, cause it would look shitty in a little black and white zine! but, i have ideas for more style related content that i hope to put in new issues.

and i would love to read other fashion zines for inspiration... i remember thrift score! is that guy still doing it?

prim seems rather similar to traditional fashion magazines but fashion projects looks interesting.

Worn Fashion journal is fantastic- I've also started reading Plant, a fashion and feminism zine by Isabel from Hipster Musings.

Plant magazine is good. Issue two just came out, and it can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/85352706/plant-magazine-issue-2



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